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Hillary Clinton: Obama’s $400 Million Ransom to Iran is “Old News” … and It Is Illegal, Lady

Hey, Hillary, were it “reported 7 or 8 months ago” we would not be talking about it now…

It’s pretty damn bad when Americans are more apt to believe the Iranians than this White House.

The fact is, it was a covert quid quo pro deal with Iran, under the cover of ‘newly printed US currency’ converted into foreign currencies … random serial numbered Euros and Swiss Francs … hauled to Iran in an unmarked CIA cargo plane in the darkness of night. And this administration is claiming, “It was just good timing” on how and when it was done … and with a damn straight-face! AND, except that the Justice Department officials reportedly objected to timing of Iran cash payment. Charles Krauthammer calls it what it is, ‘Quid Pro Quo’ for Release of Prisoners and ‘Money Laundering’

This entire administration and its still-tethered spin-offs and offshoots are like interviewing inmates in prison. Nobody is fucking guilty of or responsible for anygaddamthing.


Last glitch effort? Katie Pavlich has a reminder about the people pleading ‘coincidence’ about Iran


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