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Evening News: Tumors and Other Maladies


Damage control:

Stump the spox! Josh Earnest’s refusal to answer this Iran question speaks volumes

State Department Defends $400 Million Iran Payout: “This Was Not A Ransom”…

Case closed: These 2 key observations about media, Obama’s Iran deal say it ALL

More Obama legacy:

Obama commutes sentences for 214 federal prisoners

EPA’s Gold King mine spill now criminal investigation

Border Patrol’s website offers advice on eluding … Border Patrol

Obama Is Attempting To Completely Rewrite How He Treated Mitt Romney In 2012

Planned Parenthood and NARAL insinuate Trump is a baby-killer, or something:

TWISTED: Planned Parenthood’s take on Trump baby brouhaha is as ‘gruesome’ as it gets

FACT CHECK: Hey, media, ask THIS journo (at rally) about your Donald Trump baby-booting claims

Hell you say:

DC Metro Transit Cop Arrested for Allegedly Trying to Assist ISIS

SHOCK REPORT: Military-Aged Men Extremely Over-Represented in EU Refugee Asylum Applications

Media Fails To Report Gang Firebombing Paris Bus While Yelling ‘Allah Akbar’ [VIDEO]

ISIS ‘heat map’ shows the group spreading worldwide

CONSTANT TERROR ISIS carries out a major terror attack once every 84 hours, experts reveal… and that figure DOESN’T include Syria, Iraq, Egypt or Libya

Hollywood is completely out of imagination and ideas:

The rebooting of good and classic movies with the gender role changing of main characters is not a brilliant idea, H-wood. Go home. Your drunk and pissing yourself.


WOAH! ‘Splash’ Remake Will Feature Channing Tatum as the ‘Merman’


Ghostbusters reboot is struggling to break even


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