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Rigged: “Fix” was In for Hillary Clinton All the Way Back to 2008…


Donald Trump has always said the fix was in for Hillary, and the DNC was right behind stealing a nomination from Bernie Sanders. As the Wikileaks email dump has indicated, that was all true, and then some.

HotAir has all the timeline details: Why Bernie Sanders Never Had A Chance

In 2008, when Hillary Clinton was in the process of getting kneecapped in the primaries to then-Senator Barack Obama, she had a national co-chair of her campaign – Debbie Wasserman Schultz, now exiled former chair of the Democratic National Committee. Once it became clear that Obama would indeed get the nomination, Wasserman-Schultz, along with the rest of the Democratic Party, save the birthers, who had their origins in the Hillary campaign, got on board the Obama train full-throated.

So we know the grand deal, or we at least think we know the grand deal. Obama needed reconciliation. He needed unity. The 2008 primary was brutal between the Obama and Clinton camps. So he offered her the Secretary of State position, a position she would eventually pilot like the captain of the Hindenburg. In return, Obama would support Hillary when it was her turn in 2016. But was there more to it? Did Hillary want more than just his endorsement? Was there the baseball equivalent of a player to be named later in the trade?

Hillary never stopped wanting to be president. She was just was going to have to wait for eight years. But how could she take the steps necessary and maneuver so she wouldn’t be faced with another loss in the primary in 2016? Well, the strategic thing would be to have a plant become the head of the DNC so that if a thumb on the scale had to take place, she’d at least own the thumb. That’s where Barack Obama and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz come in.


Read the whole thing.

AoSHQ: “And if you follow the timeline and movement of the pieces, it seems pretty clear that everything was structured (and powered by quid pro quo) to guarantee that the Dowager Queen of Chautauqua would never be embarrassed by a primary loss again.”

However, never doubt this ‘fix’ goes far deeper than the democrat primary.

Mark my words, this election in November will go down as the biggest election heist in American history. Hell, it may even knock some of those communist and dictatorship regimes and third world despots out of their historic standings on rigged elections.


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