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Bring It: It’s Going To Be A Street Fight

hillary b-w mean

Pick a damn side.
Pick a dog in this damn fight.

I don’t have WSJ’s pay-side, but I did hear Rush Limbaugh discussing this Kimberley Strassel op-ed yesterday: Hillary’s One-Candidate Race: She’ll try to disqualify Trump because she loses if the election is a referendum on her.

It’s true. Hillary has to keep the discussions and attention off of herself, her character, her lucrative speaking fees and who she is speaking to and what she’s said, and her family foundation’s record and highly questionable connections to and donations from foreign entities, not to mention the majority of Americans believe she did something very wrong with her email while SoS and the cover-up and lying during the Congressional hearings, in spite of the FBI and DOJ decisions not to indict her, even after laying out a huge and strong case against her. Nobody is buying that this woman is some poor victim of repeated ‘right-wing conspiracies’, especially when we can see the sparks and flames through the smoke.

And so, Hillary will have to exhaust herself spinning Donald Trump into a cross between Jack the Ripper and Simple Jack


… all the while struggling to craft her speeches and words on herself and her own policy plans in a way that doesn’t reveal the very hard left turn she has planned. Her DNC-Con acceptance speech was filled with such contortions, baiting, clouding, and contradictions. Oh, and she’s a woman who has played ‘mommy’ to the country practically her whole adult career in selfless ‘service’ to the nation, blah-blah-blah. Translation: I’m a woman and equal to you men, but because I’m a woman you cannot debate or attack me or my ideas because that’s just mean and obviously sexist … and she’s never held a real job or built a business in her life— and in not doing so has seldom, if ever, lived among or genuinely ‘rubbed elbows’ with the socialist democrat championed ‘working/middle class’.

Rush Limbaugh:

Okay, so how do we parse this? Because we just played the sound bite where the Drive-Bys just loved the fact that the Democrats put on this all God, all America patriotic convention night last night. They ate it up. They loved it. They hate it when Republicans do it, but they loved it last night. And yet F. Chuck comes along, says he was amazed at how comfortable she is pushing a very progressive agenda.

Well, what is it? We either got a pro-patriotic, pro-American, red, white, and blue, lots of flags everywhere, America’s great night at the convention, or we didn’t. Which is it? How could she give this massively great progressive agenda speech with all that other stuff going on?

My point is the Drive-Bys will mislead you no matter how they have to. They will lie to you, they know full well what they’re doing. Not to say they’re not closed-minded and ignorant at the same time, but they know what they’re doing, they know what they’re trying to do. Does it matter, by the way, that she mentioned Trump’s name a lot more than Trump mentioned hers?

Well, there’s two schools of thought on that. One is you can react and say, “Boy, is Trump living rent free in her head.” On the other token, I got a piece — this is a really good piece by Kimberley Strassel at the Wall Street Journal who says that essentially this is a one-candidate race, a one-person presidential race, it’s Hillary against Hillary. That Hillary’s problem is Hillary. She’s running against her own ethical morass. She can’t erase who she is. The only hope she has is to destroy and decimate Trump.

So if you look at it from that standpoint, of course she’s gonna mention Trump much more than he’s gonna mention her. The political professionals will tell you, of course you do that. Mrs. Clinton’s a known figure, 30 years. She’s got to define Trump. She’s got to destroy Trump. Because she can’t build herself up. Been there, done that. I mean, that ship has sailed. She is who she is.

So I think you should expect from here on out nothing but a never ending, continual assault on everything Trump…

The fact is no matter what the MSM, DNC, democrats, shit-headed celebrities, or the Clinton family says, this woman is not entitled to the White House simply because she’s a woman, or it’s her turn, etc. And that is the ‘nose-in-the-air’ insinuation that is being inflicted on America in this election cycle. And simply because she’s a woman she cannot be challenged?

It’s 2008 all over again with the DNC candidate Teflon BS. In 2008 saying anything against Obama was racist because he’s black, and in 2008 him being elected was going to be so historic and wonderful and bring racism to an end and…

As in 2008 with Obama, Hillary cannot openly discuss and expose her real agenda. And on that she is even worse than Obama was in `08 and `12 because she has been fully exposed for her lies, cheating, fixing/manipulating, self-serving, and horrible failings while ‘in service’ to the country from the very beginning of her introduction into the political world.

As for Trump’s latest self-inflicted uncouth dumbassery, Hillary Clinton has insinuated the parents/families of the Benghazi victims are liars, as well as the men themselves who were there and survived. Also, the treatment of Sean Smith’s mother Patricia Smith after her addressing the RNC-Con by the Hillary camp, the DNC, and the media was equally appalling … And Hillary’s not anyz nearz done with those angry families of the Benghazi attack. This morning she inflicted yet another insult to their deep injury … Why, they’re just too dumb to understand what she said, is all:

And then they also paraded the mothers of fallen thugs on the stage while boo-ing the police, and there was also a night of booing the US military at the DNC, more than once … and even a MOH recipient.

We’re not hearing about Hillary because if Trump so much as farts the MSM will report that wall-to-wall as his adding to global warming, over exposing the fact they and the democrat party know the ice Hillary is skating on is paper thin and they’re scared. And his defending of all these indefensible people is actually basically the same damn thing(s) the left and the MSM political pundits have been saying since we went into Iraq. I’m not defending him/ this, I’m just fully aware that everyone is acting like it’s the first time this crap is being said or heard. The MSM and the dems cannot stand the fact that this mouthy bloke will not allow them to dictate the message/narrative and set the premises. While I would have taken anybody else over this guy I believe I can confidently say the one primary thing he has going for his campaign is his lack of media/liberal/dem forced PC behavior and his ability not to just smile and nod when they attack. It’s ugly, but this is what it actually looks like when both sides of a campaign fight dirty, and not just the media darling candidate. I guess if they’re going to accuse Trump of running a mean-spirited campaign he’s decided to go for it full throttle. Hillary broke through the glass ceiling? Hell, the real ceiling has been built and reinforced by the left in this country and has been hanging lower and lower over the head of every republican candidate for decades. I guess Trump’s just decided to blow it up. I know you loathe him, and I’m not campaigning for him, but Slick Hillie’s got to be stopped and sent back to New York. The fix was in for this broad long before those two 2016 GOP debate stages were filled. It’s how she’s collected million$$$ over the last 8 or more years in quid pro quo “donations” from very questionable foreign entities, and those ‘evil’ Wall Street movers-shakers-players. The establishment GOP didn’t help themselves either. They played right into her hands.

The GOP could’ve run Jesus Christ Himself, but the Clinton machine and Soros-types have been invested in this one for a long time and would have nail-gunned Him to the cross anyway.

So I say more power to Donald Trump in this street fight if he can beat the shit out of the heavily favored and unfairly protected opposition and the minions rigging/fixing the fight, and leave some deep scars. We’ll see whose skin is thinner. Just as long as he is the one victorious in the end.

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One in 10 DNC superdelegates were registered lobbyists

The party of Goldman Sachs and Planned Parenthood


One comment on “Bring It: It’s Going To Be A Street Fight

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