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U.N. and DNA as Mothers Seek Payments for Their ‘Peacekeeper Babies’


There are countless horror stories over the decades of the poor to bad to horrific behavior of United Nations peacekeepers sent to various points around the world. Some either look the other way when things they are supposed to be doing their jobs. In certain areas, like Gaza, they have actually given aid and support to Hamas attacking Israel.

And now, after decades of these U.N. peacekeepers from around the world philandering and fraternization with, and even raping, woman and girls in the countries where they are sent, women are rightfully speaking up and demanding financial aid from the U.N. for the fatherless children they have left in their wake.

Ghandi Shukry, head of a Conduct and Discipline Unit in the UN mission, which is known by its French acronym MINUSTAH, said 29 claims for paternity have been submitted to the UN in Haiti. He said 18 of the claimants have been classified as “victims” by the world body because they were receiving some kind of support.

“We are not facing a current wave of paternity claims. They are all kind of old cases,” said Shukry, stressing that any kind of sexual relations by peacekeepers and locals is prohibited.


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