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Day Three DNC-Con: A Night of Rich White Men Telling Fiction and Fantasy Stories And A Lame-Duck Narcissist Emperor

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It was “rich angry white guy” night at the DNC-Con last night as they all came on stage with their word-tweaked speeches and rhetoric as if they were gang beating down Donald Trump. While they spent their time telling you why you cannot live a daily life without government intervention and telling you Donald Trump flooded Johnstown, PA, flattened Tunguska, sank the Titanic, blew up Pearl Harbor, and caused every financial depression in the history of America, they failed to mention Hillary Clinton all that much.

Billionaire and pretend republican turned independent turned nanny socialist democrat Michael Bloomberg calls Donald Trump a “con” man. Well, I don’t know about that, but I do know Bloomin’ idiot’s record while mayor of NYC and it ain’t pretty. A lot of hot air from a guy who insists we’re going to burst into flames because of climate change, unless we give up our sovereign rights and our money…

Crazy Uncle Joe Biden had his turn last night. Once old Joe’s out of politics he really should have a walk-on role in next season’s cast of “Saturday Night Live”…

Did Biden plagiarize a line from Bill Clinton’s 2008 convention speech?


Hillary’s token “moderate” Catholic democrat sidecar had his moments to sound, you know, as good as Joe Biden, or something…

And “Tell-All” Leon Panetta took the spotlight to trash Donald Trump and assure us our national security would only be in jeopardy if Trump got into the Oval Office, contrary to his post-Obama administration book outlining how much this administration has been lacking on that front. AND Panetta, knowing, as do the MSM and democrats, that Hillary’s computer and server CANNOT BE HACKED by the Russians or anybody anymore still pushed that filthy lie that Trump had requested they do so … Oh, and gets booed when he suggests the Middle East is a mess and ISIS is a threat that needs dealt with and Trump can’t do it and blah-blah-blah…

Well, that was the bulk of the angry old rich white guys. Was now time for the emperor to take the stage…

The lame-duck narcissist-in-chief, who mentioned himself 119 times (a Hell of a lot more times than he mentioned Hillary Clinton), sternly, scoldingly, angrily barked about Donald Trump and how this country and the last 8 years of his “pen’s” ass-breaking hard work would crumble if Donald Trump took over and steered the nation off the road he himself has paved with executive orders, federal agencies and their overreaching regulations, circumventing the Constitution and the US Congress and courts, and his glorious achievement of dividing us into a growing race war …

My biggest take-away is how Bam stressed how much MORE qualified Hillary is … ‘more than himself and Bill Clinton combined!!!’… Really?? Then why was it so damned important you beat her in 2008, Barry???

Obama’s lecture to Trump about ‘already great’ America gets questioned on fundamentals

RedState: What Was Obama’s Speech At The DNC Convention About? You Won’t Be Surprised.

Last night he gave a speech at the DNC convention that was supposed to encourage wavering Democrats to vote for Hillary Clinton. In reality it was about Obama.


In a speech lasting 44 minutes, he referred to himself 119 times. Once every 22 seconds.

And Trump will never be silenced by a decorum the democrats have never honored…

The celebrity sideshow goes on:

What’s a democrat gathering without the hen-clucking feminists handing out abortion communion to the appreciative crowd…

I’m thinking about Trump’s successful businesswoman daughter Ivanka right now.

Who’s the boss? Alyssa Milano knows FOR SURE!

The celebrity world has yet to figure out just how tough a crowd we ‘unwashed little folk’ are and how open they leave themselves when dabbling in social media. This usually upset said celebs and their blindly loyal followers…

OOPS: Stephen King tries to slam Donald Trump, offers case to vote AGAINST Hillary Clinton instead

Eh … Feh.


And moonbatshitcrazy Nancy Pelosi wants you to know those ignorant, stupid, uneducated “white males” aren’t voting for Hillary because of “The 3 Gs” … Gays! Guns!! God!!!

Got it??!!?????

Tucker Carlson Says Nancy Pelosi’s Remarks on ‘White Males’ Show Dems Have ‘Pulled the Mask Off’

Hillary rides in on her broom tonight.


Activists Shove Open DNC Security Fence

Drudge Report:

No Obama Bounce For DNC Day 3 Ratings…

Fall Behind RNC…



SALON: Letdown…

Fake Unity…

Protestors Drown Out Former Obama CIA Director…

‘Godfather’ Mocked at DNC, Given No Speaking Spot…

In clash of billionaires, Bloomberg calls Trump White House race ‘a con’…

Chaos Outside As Protesters Shove Police Blockade, Breach Perimeter Fence…

Media swoon over ‘preacher’ Obama, boost ‘suburban dad’ Kaine…

FOX News:

F&F: Geraldo and Tucker Carlson: Dems shut down Panetta, chant ‘No More War’

Giuliani: This is the most anti-police convention I’ve seen

Hours before Clinton’s crowning, Bernie’s Army shows it’s not buying</a

  • VIDEO: Protester outside DNC sets flag, then himself on fire
  • ‘FIT’ FOR OFFICE? Obama passes baton to Clinton, stirs up ‘3rd term’ charges
  • TODD STARNES: Dems to pass gas during DNC “Fart-In”
  • LIVE BLOG UPDATE: Clinton still working on acceptance speech, expected to draw on 1996 book
  • MEDIA BUZZ: Media refuse to believe Trump’s Russia comments were sarcastic
  • VIDEO: Rove explains why Obama’s DNC speech was ‘very bad’ for Clinton
  • VIDEO: Dems regretting not going with Biden?
  • CAPITOL ATTITUDE: After Democratic convention, party may need ‘bridge over troubled water’
  • DISAPPEARING ACT: Melania Trump’s website goes dark
  • OPINION: Dear Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump, do you pledge to help persecuted Christians if you win?
  • IGNORING THE ISSUES: Trump accuses DNC Dems of dodging ISIS, border threats
  • VIDEO: Transgender delegates make history at DNC
  • WZ:

    Report: Hillary Clinton Did Not Want Uniformed Police Officers On Floor Of The Convention…

    Clinton Campaign Manager “Burst Out Laughing” When Asked If Hillary Will Hold A Press Conference Before Election…

    Protesters Throw Coffin Over DNC ‘Wall’, Signifying Death Of Party, Chant “Hell No, DNC, We Wouldn’t Vote For Hillary”


    Five reasons Obama’s big speech won’t help Hillary. At all.

    We should really talk about Bill de Blasio’s surreal speech at the #DNC

    When the DNC convention staffer came around to the media stands yesterday to hand out the final list of speakers for Wednesday I was more than a little surprised to see that the name of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio had been added as the final slot in the 4 to 6 block. I was (wrongly) guessing that his appearance might be scratched by the time they opened up the day’s events, so I was even more taken aback when the man actually showed up on the stage. The reason for my reaction was that this was the very same day that the US Attorney in Brooklyn, Preet Bharara, had announced a new ethics and corruption investigation into de Blasio’s conduct regarding campaign finance contributions.

    For whatever reason, the Democrats chose to not let that bother them overly much and allowed Hizzoner to come sing the praises of Hillary Clinton. By the time he was done, however, it had really begun to seem like a scene from a Fellini film. Here’s the relatively short speech in its entirety. Pay close attention to Bill’s comments around the 2:15 mark…


    What’s going on at the DNC? Are they even trying to manage their image and that of Hillary Clinton at this point? We’re talking about a candidate who only weeks ago barely escaped her own brush with the law after a more than year long FBI investigation and is now getting a prominent endorsement at her convention from someone who may be in even more trouble. Let’s recall the way the New York press was describing the new corruption investigation as matched up against the mayor’s comments in Philadelphia.


    This entire investigation revolves around de Blasio demanding tens of thousands of dollars in donations from real estate developers so they could get a crack at taking over a piece of State University of New York property (specifically a hospital) and convert it into a housing project. And that was after Bill had spent years championing the facility as a necessary resource for the poor and underserved minority community. And the same afternoon he goes on stage to complain about Donald Trump’s supposed mishandling of real estate deals?

    Twitchy: Hack-tastic! Check out WaPo’s summary of Obama’s speech to #DemsInPhilly (facepalm warning)

    Bada-Zing! See why people are loving Laura Ingraham’s nutshell of Obama’s DNC speech


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