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Day Two DNC-Con: Hey, Movie Theme Night … More Popcorn!

Night two was just loads of fun and ‘truth’ and fun and truthy-truth stuff and fun and love … nuttin’ but love…

Effie’s “Hunger Games” Tribute, Bill’s Horn-Dog “Love Story”, A Subliminal Kool-Aid Injection, and a Tribute to Orwell’s “1984” … Oh, and “In DNC Space No One Can Hear You Scream” and “Disturbia”

“Hunger Games”:

Elizabeth Banks came out on the DNC-Con stage last night in character and delivered her speech…

Bill Clinton’s “Love Story”:

Whatever, Billy boy. Oh, and you’ll note at the very beginning Willie throws that whole ‘Nazi salute’ to the audience … What?

ZING! Laura Ingraham shows how Bill Clinton’s effort to ‘humanize’ Hillary failed hilariously

Instapundit corrects journo about Bill Clinton’s title if Hillary’s elected

“1984” with a Kool-Aid chaser:

But the most interesting moments last night at DNC-Con were chocked-full inside the prepped video for “the first girl ever breaking the ‘glass ceiling’!” celebration video of Hillary Clinton. Some thought it looked a lot like Kool-Aid, which is partly right— on so many levels…


And others rightly had this gut reaction

And then there was Howard Dean’s silent “Scream” sequel…


DNC Chants “Black Lives Matter” For Mothers Of Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Mike Brown

MSNBC Touts ‘Profound’ BLM Mothers; Trashed Pat Smith for Having ‘Ruined’ RNC

Eh, I’m bored with this bullshit…………………..



Weiner promises a second coming … Dear God please make it stop

Drudge Report Headlines:


Media cry ‘tears of joy’ for Hillary milestone…
Town Feeling ‘Berned’ After Sanders Rally Leaves $23,000 In Unpaid Bills…
MSNBC Maddow: I Found Top Part of Clinton’s Speech ‘Shocking and Rude’…
DOWD: Bubba Pours on the Estrogen…

FOX News Headlines:

DNC TOP STORY : Clinton, Kaine face charges of flip-flopping on issues

BILL’S CASE FOR HILL: Clinton touts Hillary as champion of underclass

VIDEO: Bill’s full speech at DNC

MEDIA BUZZ: The Natural — How Bill sold Hillary better than she sells herself

MAJOR SPLIT COMING? Sanders loyalists warn Dem Party could rupture over Clinton nomination

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton — We just put biggest crack in glass ceiling

OPINION: DNC and Wasserman Schultz insult Bernie, 12 million Americans

Have DNC speakers set the bar too high for Hillary?


Bill Clinton at the DNC: Hillary is a ‘change-maker’

Democrats are just sure that Hillary will keep up the gun control push through November

Top Hillary crony: Sure, she’ll sell out for TPP! Oh, wait …

Mothers of the Movement at the DNC


Report: DNC Tried To Fill Seats With Other People, Even Busing In Others, After Actual Bernie Delegates Walked Out

Emails: DNC Staffers Annoyed At Having To Commemorate The Holocaust


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