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Day One DNC Convention: “Progressive” Chaos – Democrats Cannot Hide Their Disunity

bernie dig

And you thought the GOP was divided…

Recall last week the #NeverTrump folks gave their shouts and walk-outs at the RNC? They had their signs and vented their ire and disapproval. However, over at the DNC dissent is not allowed…

Bernie Fans Claim Their Signs Are Being Seized At Convention

But the disgruntled Bern-bots fought back…


Well, the DNC tackled the First Amendment last night. I guess they’re saving all the anti Second Amendment gun control bullshit for tonight.

Oh, and let’s not forget the segregation


And inside too…

stage wall

So there is the party of inclusion and tolerance. Amen.

The Wiki-leaked DNC emails have thrown gasoline on the smoldering within an already pissed-off divided democrat party dealing with its own displeasure with the establishment. By the way, Bernie Sanders can act all anti-establishment, but he has spent his life playing the political system, and as far as I can tell has never had a real job. Anyhow, the Bern-bots are now pissed at Bernie too for giving into the DNC and Hillary Clinton, and for trying to shove them on the Hillary bus.

The boo-birds swarmed day one of the DNC and, of course, the democrats send in the professional assclowns…

Um, hey democrats/Bern-bots, if you take your thoughts/opinions/and dictation from Sarah Silverman then please just check yourselves into the psych ward at your local hospital.

And from the elitist grifter who just 8 years ago claimed she was finally “proud of her country”, she takes offense to anyone, especially Donald Trump, pointing out the FUBAR her husband and his minions have mad of this country…

Blah-blah-blah, Mooch. Go have a fruit pie.


Bernie Sanders creates mop-ready jobs as supporters break into tears during DNC speech

Media too burned out on Nazi salutes to notice Elizabeth Warren’s at DNC

Drudge Report:

Dems give 61 speeches on Day 1 — mention ISIS zero times…

DNC throws away leftover food — doesn’t give to poor…

Media Fawns, Cries Over Michelle, Liz and Bernie…

At end, Sanders Revolution came down to lot of venting…


Dems Build Wall Around Podium…


Embattled Wasserman Schultz now must fight on home turf…

Kremlin dismisses email hack claims as ‘absurd’…

FOX News:

Dems try to side-step email scandal that sent Sanders backers into frenzy with scorching attacks on Trump

BERNIE BACKERS MARCH: Protesters march on Democratic National Convention

VIDEOS: Marijuana legalization a ‘high’ priority for Bernie backers

What to voters think of the DNC e-mails?

OFF THE MARK: Fans call Paul Simon’s DNC performance troubling

MONEY MAKER: Trump impersonator making $40,000 a month


One comment on “Day One DNC Convention: “Progressive” Chaos – Democrats Cannot Hide Their Disunity

  1. Isn’t her campaign sign wrong? That arrow should point to the left.


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