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Night Four of the RNC Convention: Fuckitall, No Turning Back Now … “USA! USA! USA!”


“Thunder Trump”!!!!

First Up:

Thank you, City of Cleveland, OH and all the indigenous Clevelanders involved, especially the CPD and those brave police that traveled to Cleveland from the nation’s PDs to help make the week safe and run as smoothly as humanly possible. You went above and beyond the “Protect and Serve”, not only for the people but for our rights, democracy, and our republic preservation. Kudos. Yep … Cleveland Rocks!!!!


The GOP/RNC Openly Embraces LGBTQ:

I have absolutely no problem with this. Prior speeches earlier in the week touched on the subject. But I do have a problem with the current movement to not just tolerate or accept the LGBTQ lifestyle(s) but to conform to them and give them preference out of some twisted new form of affirmative action. But I dare the democrats to say the words “token gay” about the RNC’s/GOP’s reaching out to the LGBTQ community.

Cleveland native, billionaire. businessman and investor Peter Thiel brought up his gay status as he said all the current divisive dust-up over such issues is nothing more than part of the “fake culture wars” and is counterproductive to the nation’s productivity, ingenuity, and unity. Thiel was very well received, and was inspiring. Thiel said he’s proud to be an American. I’m damn proud he is too. The ‘racist/bigoted/homophobic’ republican delegates gave the man a deafening standing-O when he was finished…

Well, that was just totally unacceptable to clown-car MSNBC’s openly gay clown Rachel Maddow who rambled and rambled clumsily and endlessly beside demoted Brian Williams for some demonic presence in Thiel.

A little note to Madcow: “Democracy” is a controlling government’s way of fooling its people into believing they have a say in the government and governing. “Freedom” is only present when we have a constitutional republic of, by, and for the people with the government representing the people and governing only with the consent of the people. Got it, Ray? China, Cuba, Venezuela, and even NorK believes they are ‘democracies’.

Next – One Step Away from The Crown:

“The Donald” came. He saw. He Conquered. He talked for over an hour…

It was Ivanka Trump’s turn to show America her father don’t raise no dummies. She talked a bit before presenting her father to the convention gathering, and to the world watching…

And then it was Daddy’s turn. As speeches go, it was well written and energizing … and more to the point than we have heard Trump over the last year of campaigning…

While no real candidate lays bare his/her detailed plan during the contest, no matter what the democrats and their MSM yipping-yapping dogs say, “Oh, he gave no details how he’d do X,Y,Z…” Be assured their party candidate never does either. In 2008 Barack Obama thought he was being so damn smart when he used his imperial vagueness of “Hope and Change” and “Fundamental Transformation”. Well, it did work on the dumbass voting public, but not for those of use who know exactly how to examine words and their use. I mean, Bam could not have gotten elected if he had said what he really meant behind those words. What was his meaning? “I’m gonna tear down the foundation of this nation, instigate the desires of the ever hopeful divisive factions of anti-American elements within, coddle our enemies, knockdown the ladder to personal goals and individuality, fuck the US Constitution, laws, and the separation of powers, and regulate the shit out of everyone and everything…”

The morning after the RNC convention I am finding it disturbingly hilarious the democrats, days ahead of their DNC-con, are trashing the RNC’s as half “funny” and half “frightening” … and not one TV desk anchor sitting across the desk from them has not pressured them to elaborate/explain exactly why “funny and frightening”??? What’s so scary, DNC? I think it’s your power and influence slipping away.

Yes, unwashed Americans, be very frightened of people talking about returning to the US Constitution, and self-sustaining and personal responsibility under your rights and without the growing boulder of the government hanging over your heads.

The real thing(s) to be frightened over will be the democrats throwing the real vile and hate vitriol in their speeches, and their leaders laying out their plans and intents for growing the government more and more, taking more taxpayer money from our pockets, decreasing or abolishing our basic Bill of Rights because that sort of freedom(s) is mean and selfish and hurtful and hateful and too individual … and that’s just not who we are. And personal accomplishment is wrong and evil. And inducing fear about Islamic terrorism and insisting it will be defeated, and making certain we are not flooding our nation with their operatives under the Trojan Horse of “refugees” is racist and bigoted and Islamophobic and blah-blah-blah. And our laws are antiquated and must be changed or discarded… You know what and how they’ll say it. Let them/government take care of you. You are too dumb to take care of your money, family/children, business, personal property, health decisions… Oh, Big Brother will coo and woo the masses during the DNC con. Now THAT will be darkly ‘funny’ and blindingly ‘frightening’ by the end of their week. Remember, at the last DNC-con in 2012 they booed God. Where do they go from there? Why, right at us, to be sure.

The Donald Trump GOP platform: Get the fuck away from me and leave me the fuck alone!

The Hillary Clinton DNC platform: Get the fuck over here, shut the fuck up, and bend the fuck over … NOW!!!

America, therein is your choice come November.


Donald Trump accepts nomination to run against Hillary, but first he still isn’t finished with Ted Cruz

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Ezra Klein informed who REALLY needs to see his Trump Vox-splainer on fear mongering


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