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Night Three of the RNC Convention: More Speeches Inside and Asshats Outside


According to the pro-Hillary MSM, and the assholes on social media, conservative talk host Laura Ingraham was channeling Hitler, or something, in her appearance on the RNC stage last night to give her speech. The above still-shot of the wave was just a very,very brief moment in Ingraham’s wide panoramic scope of acknowledging the massive crowd with a variety of waves and finger pointing. You’ll see what I mean below when you watch the video. But you know the braindead libs/left. I heard Limbaugh say this was done to him once years ago and since then he makes sure to bend his elbow when waving now. But Laura knows how to fight…

Heh! Well, I guess the MSM took offense at Ingraham’s slamming of them in her speech…

Ingraham was obviously very excited to be on the stage in primetime, and she has been unapologetic in her support for Donald Trump. I also heard she had offered her speaking spot to Ohio Gov. John Kasich but he still declined to attend…

Since I covered the biggest news of last night’s convention schedule in my previous post regarding Sen. Ted Cruz, including Newt Gingrich’s speech, I’ll let you scroll back one for that.

Moving on, last night was V.P. pick Gov. Mike Pence’s night. His speech was very good, charming, and promising. House Speaker Paul Ryan intro-ed Gov. Pence…

Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump was the next Trump kid to have his turn at the microphone to talk about his father…

Lynne Patton, VP of The of Eric Trump Foundation charity organization, gave a lovely speech…

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin and Gov. Rick Scott of Florida…

And Sen. Marco Rubio ‘phoned-it-in’, but did endorse Donald Trump…

Now then, as for the assclowns in the streets:

The amount of protesters that have come to Cleveland (and I say that because nearly all arrested have been from not only ‘out of town’ but from ‘out of state’) have been far less than what the RNC and the Cleveland police expected

“Look, I’ll say this: It’s not a good thing people aren’t here in a bigger force when an openly fascistic candidate is being nominated,” says Noche Diaz, who served as spokesman for the day’s highest profile march, which promoted revolutionary communism and the jailing of “killer cops.”

“Why? I don’t know all the reasons, you’ll have to ask them,” Diaz said after the hourlong march by about two dozen protesters, a greater number of reporters and likely even more law enforcement officers, who rode bicycles alongside and behind the group.

The numbers are expected to be higher tonight as it’s Donald Trump’s night and it’s the last night.

Activists clash during RNC protests

90s band Third Eye Blind trolls Republicans at charity concert

Moonbat “Artist” Builds Wall Around Trump’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star … Feh.

Paging Darwin! Anti-RNC protester learns the HARD way why you don’t burn the flag … Feelin’ the burn!

And the leading assclown posse at MSNBC is so fearful of showing anti-Hillary buttons at the RNC last night that they made certain to give their 279 “sensitive” viewers a warning



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