Dirty Laundry: Cruz Trumps the Trump Convention … Or Did He?


Well, Hells bells, the pro-Hillary liberal/leftist MSM had some still kicking raw red meat thrown at their feet last night at the RNC Convention in Cleveland. We all know how much the “unbiased” MSM loves them some raw red meat to chew one.

It was a very heavy soapbox that Sen. Ted Cruz dragged out onto the RNC convention stage last night. His speech was strong and thoughtful, touching on support and empathy for police and the military, and even mentioning the pleas for peace and non-violence from the families of those killed in police altercations that are the basis for the current Black Lives Matters movement. Cruz touched on, and stressed, how everyone, no matter race/creed/religion/gender/sexual identification, equally deserve the protection of the Bill of Rights. He stressed states’ rights. He warned against an all encompassing centralized government. In short, he laid out every brick of the foundation of exactly what the republican party and conservatives believe and want and expect from this republic.

Cruz’s crescendo moment was telling the cheering crowd, amid vocal shouts “Endorse! Endorse!”, to vote for those who will uphold the Constitution, from top to bottom on the ballot. THAT is when everyone was holding their collective breath, inside the arena and at home watching on TV, expecting his next words would be in direct support and endorsement of Donald Trump. But Cruz left it right there … No endorsement. And this was after the Texas delegation prior to the speech told him to endorse Trump. I think it was a toss-up between the Texas and New York delegations who “booed” the loudest.

Oh, yeah, Cruz blew the opportunity to, as they say, ‘Be the bigger man’ and go beyond the personal insults campaign. When he was telling people to vote from the top to the bottom for the right people he could have, at the very least, said something like, ‘And that includes voting for the republican ticket in November’. That’s all. That would have met the mark. He didn’t have to even say Trump’s name, just “the 2016 republican ticket” to come out of the speech smelling atleast like a rotting rose. But, perhaps, Cruz’s wounds and ire go deeper than what is between him and Trump. It is the republican party itself. His torrid relationship with the party has been around longer than the 2016 presidential campaign. The establishment GOP is floundering from at least two sides, the outsider Trump faction and the Constitutional conservative faction seated in the US Congress that has been spit on, ignored, and disrespected worse from their own party establishment than by the democrats.

I imagine some of Sen. Ted Cruz’s ire is his impatience with the angry and fed-up American people who went for the flashy business mogul and not with the man whose career has been aimed at making the biggest conservative advances for this nation since its founding. But anger often does make people do or say things with their hands thrown into the air in disgust. Perhaps Cruz himself did that, to a degree, last night in not going that extra mile to verbally support the 2016 GOP ticket. Maybe. Maybe it was just as simple as Cruz sticking to his principles and not believing Donald Trump has any chance of fulfilling them.

And so, in baseball terms, it was a choice for Cruz between being an instant hero at the sacrifice and cost of his conservative credibility or being a goat at the cost of the republican party unity. However, there are enough republicans who are not fully on-board with Trump but were looking for someone to bring the party together that were so put-off by Cruz’s lack of endorsement they have moved closer to Trump in the settling dust.

Listening to Sen. Ted Cruz tripling-down in front of the Texas delegation breakfast this morning in defense and explanation of his speech from last night’s convention. The Q/A was tough, and delegates are pissed. He did not flinch. I’m disappointed a little he didn’t throw the party a bone last night … but what has the party really done for him, especially in DC. But still …

After the personal nastiness Trump threw at him during the campaign that went far beyond “lying” and hand vs dick sizes, insulting Mrs. Cruz and accusing Cruz’s father of being involved in the assassination of JFK, and Trump never making even the smallest apology for anything he said about Cruz’s family factored into Cruz’s withholding of his personal endorsement of the nominee. He said as much this morning in front of the confused/stunned/aghast delegation looking to him for an answer. I guess showing up, speaking his convictions, and then not endorsing Trump is between him and Trump.

Who knows if Ted Cruz helped or hurt Trump and/or the GOP … or himself and his political future … last night. Time will tell. The American people have succumbed to pop culture, instant mashed potatoes, and mindless fads, and policy built on “feelings” and emotion that has left them at the mercy of the all-too-eager socialists and liberal MSM’s will and manipulation. Well, one thing came out of this, Cruz took the attention off of the ridiculous trumped-up outrage over Melania Trump’s Monday night speech ‘theft’.

Look, you all have families that are imperfect, with some members less than tolerant and civil to each other. But when there is a crisis your families usually force themselves to come together. Perhaps, even above all the already division within the party, Ted Cruz’s perceived failure in front of the family will have the family pulling together even closer and tighter to prove him wrong.

Before Cruz’s convention speech last night the FOX News pundits were opining how he could have his Ronald Reagan moment when Reagan “endorsed” Gerald Ford in his GOP convention speech. That panel of would be experts were in error. Reagan gave a thrilling and inspiring speech, but never actually endorsed his political rival Ford. But Ford still arrived on the stage to shake hands with Reagan and join him in waving to the crowd. Should Donald Trump have then taken on the cross of being the bigger man and joined Ted Cruz on the stage in a handshake and waving at the crowd with a smile? Anyhow, after the Cruz convention speech FOX News came back to their prime time panel who were stunned and disappointed, saying he gave a fantastically great speech until he didn’t give the endorsement, hence, missing his Reagan-esque moment. Again, wrong, know-it-alls…

During the over-packed GOP primary campaign my first choice was Gov. Scott Walker, with a couple others right behind him from both those stages (Ted Cruz one of them). Donald Trump was not at the bottom of my list, but he was at the lower end. He didn’t do himself any favors with me throughout the campaign when he used his strength and media attention to use cheap shots and name-calling and pushing his poll numbers instead of his policy ideas. Were we seeing the character of Trump, or Trump the anything-goes-all-in performer in order to reach his intended goal? I don’t know. But as the GOP field whittled down Trump never seemed to jump on that attention surfboard he carved-out and ride it with substance and leadership. Instead he compounded the sophomoric bullshit of personal destruction that looked, smelled and walked like a fucking “Progressive” democrat. Trump’s most strident supporters feel this will be his best stance to take when facing Hillary Clinton in the general campaign. Maybe, if done with substance and not with cheap insult. The woman has provided more than enough cannon fodder for Trump to aim at in debates and rallies. But to handle a campaign against her the way he did his GOP rivals will not go over well with republicans/democrats/independents sighing on the fence who know Hillary is horribly bad and wrong for this nation going forward. Those people are pining for the right words, ideas, and policy discussions that will expose the Hillary socialist plan … not Trump shooting spitballs at her across the stage and citing poll numbers. Hey, the polls in Great Britain showed Brexit going down. and we see how that turned out, eh?

All in all, I wanted Sen. Ted Cruz over Donald Trump. But that didn’t come about. I am voting for Trump/Pence in November. You see, I am more than willing to stand by my original vow to vote for the one candidate left standing from both those stages, whomever it was … Top of my list or bottom.

But let me just add this, all these guys, except Trump, at that first debate raised their hand(s) and said they would support and endorse whichever of them ended up winning the nomination. Some, obviously, are not sticking by that promise. I guess Donald Trump is having the last dry laugh, huh? Oddly enough, as a registered republican, Ohioan, and patriot worried about the road ahead for our republic I am far, far, FAR more pissed=off at Gov. John Kasich for not even showing up at the RNC convention in his own state. Beyond Ted Cruz’s lack of endorsement, Kasich has given the nominee, the party, and the republican voters in this state who voted for him the height of insult, in my opinion.

In conclusion: Was I disappointed by Ted Cruz’s lack of endorsement last night? Sitting on my living room couch and watching his masterful conveying of what this nation is and is supposed to be and then apparently fumbling the football in the “red zone” just as he was going to win one for the team … Yes.

But being the student of politics and ideology I have become since September 11, 2001 I saw all the angles and facets of this situation and could see/understand Ted Cruz’s side, the party’s side, and the Trump side. I was torn. And I seriously believe the party needs a good solid kick in the smug ass. The party has lost the bigger opportunity to reach out to the base and the people who have continually sent Cruz-like conservatives to the Congress only to be treated like shit by the establishment GOP who have become just as power-centric and even “Progressive” in their legislating and funding. They are the damn comfortably numb elitists quibbling on the deck of the Titanic that they are cold and want a cup of fucking tea as the boats fill up and leave the sinking ship. The echo chamber MSM immediately went to the “this is the end of the republican party” bullshit last night. Yeah, playing politics is part of the beast, but when you disregard and discount the people sending you a direct and strong message to get the Hell back on the right track you have no room to scoff at a Ted Cruz, or a Donald Trump for that matter. In a nutshell, the establishment GOP is responsible for the multiple tears in the fabric of the party.

Well, it is what it is.

Sen. Ted Cruz entered last night’s RNC convention stage dragging a very heavy and righteous soapbox, and turned it into a very heavy righteous cross to drag off the stage when he left amid tepid applause and disappointed boos.


Ted Cruz’s name has been mentioned over the last couple months since Justice Scalia’s death, as a possible Pres. Trump’s choice for the next SCOTUS Justice. Cruz has shaken his head ‘no’, but if Trump could come down off his high horse in an honest and genuine attempt at a personal apology to Cruz’s wife and father, and I do mean face-to-face personal, maybe Ted Cruz would agree to accept. That said, the bad blood sits in the marrow. To me that would be a major plus for Cruz when going before the democrats, and even the RINOs, in the Senate confirmation hearings. Cruz could not be deemed and portrayed as some big buddy of Trump’s. The media and the democrats would not be able to accuse Pres. Trump of cronyism when nominating a Justice Ted Cruz. God, I hope and pray I’m right…


Rush Limbaugh is just now beginning his radio program and his opening monologue is about the Cruz situation. When his show is over I will add the link to his page’s posted transcript … BTW, as per usual, Limbaugh is, like me, venting ideas about what/how exactly happened. He is echoing my above notation of the party unifying more out of anger over Cruz. Also that Cruz was gambling Trump will lose and come 2020 Cruz will be viewed as the party’s Churchill in a campaign to oust Hillary from the White House. Also saying the Trump campaign knew what Cruz would, and wouldn’t, say last night … as well, Cruz knew how the campaign would react in addition to all of us in the aftermath. So, we will see.

Meanwhile, Charles Krauthammer said this morning “Cruz’s convention speech was the longest suicide note in political history…”

Well, we shall see.

One more thing, thank God for Newt Gingrich and his huge ‘save’ last night, for both Trump and Cruz as well as the party and the delegates … coming to the podium after Ted Cruz. The guy is a hugely diplomatic. Kudos, Newt! The guy keeps erasing my doubts about him every time he does things like this…


Trump calls Cruz non-endorsement ‘no big deal,’ senator defends decision

Cruz tells Texas delegates: I won’t be a “servile puppy dog” to a man who attacked my wife and father

GOP lawmaker: ‘Narcissistic’ Cruz just ended his career

Cruz’s speech: ‘Classless’ or conscience of the GOP?

Furious Mike Huckabee rips into ‘self-absorbed’ Ted Cruz for betraying Trump at convention

‘Condemned to Republican hell’: Ted Cruz faces GOP knives for anti-Trump message at RNC speech

Jonah Goldberg: Ted’s Calculation

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/438162/cruz-wins-if-trump-wins

Well, if earlier yesterday morning was to be an indication for later last night…


2 comments on “Dirty Laundry: Cruz Trumps the Trump Convention … Or Did He?

  1. […] I covered the biggest news of last night’s convention schedule in my previous post regarding Sen. Ted Cruz, including Newt Gingrich’s speech, I’ll let you scroll back one for […]


  2. Never leave Trump out of any calculation.

    Trump knew Cruz was going to speak and knew what he was going to say and allowed him up there.

    Then he simply and adorably in Trumplike fashion upended Cruz by showing up at the precise moment Cruz was going to make his conclusion. It’s all theater to Trump.Cruz was just a bit player in this play.

    But I liked what Gingrich said though it fell on deaf ears.

    He said that the audience misunderstood what Cruz had said, that Cruz said vote for people up and down the ticket who will uphold the Constitution and we all know that ain’t Hillary, so that is Cruz’s endorsement of a vote for Trump. Cute, but it’ll do.

    I loved what Cruz did. He gave a great Reaganesque speech reminding the entertained audience what our party is supposed to be about. That was perfect. And he didn’t go the extra last inch because he wanted the to serve as a gentle or not so gentle reminder of the trash talk Trump used to destroy people’s character one by one to get to this point. And do we really want to applaud that in our party?

    He showed up, he said voter for Republicans at all levels to try to save our country. He did not say do not vote for Trump. He just smiled and said vote your conscience. That’s good enough for me. If I were Cruz, I wouldn’t be able to vote for him either.

    Trump has a gorgeous family and he ran a good convention and that gives him extra points.

    And the best is Cruz unified those people there and maybe drew more to Trump, after all.

    But I still wish it were Cruz up there tonight.

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