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Night Two of the RNC Convention: The Establishment GOP Embraces Trump … Well, Most of Them

I have a bunch on my plate today so just a couple videos and mostly links grabbed from other sites…

It’s “OFFICIAL” … Donald Trump is the GOP/RNC nominee for POTUS 2016.

GOP brass rally party behind Trump after convention nomination

The bulk of the establishment GOP put a whip-stitch in the division inside the party last night…

House Speaker Paul Ryan can’t wait for the 2017 SOTU Address with Pres. Trump and VP Pence:

F**king Chris Christie for AG!

Prepare the fainting couches: Chris Christie hits Hillary Clinton hard as RNC chants, ‘Lock her up’

RINO Bullshit: Convention anti-Hillary rhetoric chasing voters away from GOP: Sen. Jeff Flake

Liberal MSM Bullshit: Concern-troll of the day: Reporters troubled by Republicans chanting “lock her up!” about Hillary

If I didn’t dream it, well, maybe that’s some key context for the “lock her up” chants, n’est-ce pas?

Jonah Goldberg helpfully reminds the left that wanting to lock up one’s political opponents not only isn’t new but has been viewed in some cases as essential to good government when they really are guilty of criminal wrongdoing. (Ask Gerald Ford.) The reason media types are grumbling about this, I think, is because they’re jonesing for some sort of “feral Republican” moment at the convention they can point to as evidence of the ominous cultural forces that Trump has unleashed. He’s a demagogue. Where’s the demagoguery? So far, the odd shrieking Rudy Giuliani performance aside, the speeches have ranged from dull to earnest Republican boilerplate to innocuously charming (the Trump children). Even the protests have been peaceful. Christie “indicting” Hillary Clinton last night and getting the crowd to chant is the closest things have gotten to a “mob moment.” …


It’s all a big show aimed at using partisan passion to try to glue the party back together. Absent Comey’s press conference I think it’d be fair to scold Christie for turning Hillary’s policy failures into quasi-criminal “guilty or not guilty” wrongdoing, but the Comey press conference isn’t absent. It’s the hardest punch she’s taken since her campaign began and it’s fresh in everyone’s mind. And Christie, whom everyone expects to be AG in a Trump administration, saw some value in a rhetorical gimmick aimed at reminding Republicans of his previous life as a prosecutor…

“The Donald’s” youngest…

Trump, Jr., future politician?

Dr. Ben Carson…

Night three will have Sen. Ted Cruz, in person, and Sen. Marco Rubio via taped speech.


HotAir: GOP convention, night two: Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, Ben Carson, more Trumps

Scenes from the floor: Don King on the need for Trump

Scenes from the floor: Phyllis Schlafly, roll call votes, and more


The Truth Behind Why The Vice President Tweeted THIS About The RNC … *snark*

Hillary Tries To Troll Chris Christie, Gets Slammed By Her Past Instead


The Good Parts of Day Two of the Convention: Dana White, Chris Christie, Donald Trump Jr.


Cruz Prepares for High-Stakes Convention Speech with Eye on 2020


‘Two-Four-Six-Eight … Your Politics Are Full of Hate’ — at the RNC … Funny shit right there

The Hill:

Bush’s three delegates cost $50 million each


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