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The Hounds are Out at FOX News Channel… – UPDATED


I haven’t bothered with the Gretchen Carlson vs. Roger Ailes sexual harassment allegations when the story first hit the internet a few weeks ago. He said … She said is better left until it’s resolved with solid evidence.

Now, apparently,FOX News superstar Megyn Kelly has joined those other women at the network who have allegedly also joined Carlson’s allegation with their own against Ailes. Kelly claims Ailes made some ‘unwanted sexual advances’ to her about ten years ago while she was sitting in one of those tall chairs and sharing the afternoon spotlight with a male co-host. This, after other FOX anchors were miffed Kelly hadn’t come to Ailes’s defense, as they had. This Kelly reveal coincides, or not, with the report that Rupert Murdoch was going to remove Roger Ailes as Fox News CEO. But that’s apparently being ‘walked back’.

The latest report has the network’s top prime time players allegedly threatening to leave FOX with Roger Ailes, should he be forced out.

My boss asked me if I thought the allegation(s) against Roger Ailes are true.
I said I find myself not giving anyone I don’t personally know the benefit of the doubt anymore these days where lies are truth and truth is lies.

But I will say that Gretchen Carlson has been a bit snubbed these last few years by FOX News power brokers. She went from the curby couch on FOX and Friends to her own mid-afternoon show that I believe was a two hour block. That seemed to be bounced a bit in its time slot as more adjustments were made. Then it was cut to an hour, making way for I believe “Outnumbered” at 1:00pm (ET). Carlson used so show up regularly on Bill O’Reilly for a commentary/discussion segment. That seemed to disappear. Carlson recounts how she recently kept going to Ailes office and tried to regain her on air exposure. But the network has had some ratings slumping, and her show was one of the weak spots. Also, after a recent shooting Carlson made the stupid mistake of making a wrong remark about guns (it was an anti-gun talking point) while interviewing two guests. She was hit pretty hard in social media for the gaffe. But word is Carlson’s ratings were getting beyond weak, and TPTB were not sure she was fitting into the organization anymore.

The same can be said for Megyn Kelly. Her troubles began with the first GOP debate on FOX News when she cross-examined Donald Trump for allegations of misogynism and nasty remarks to and about some women. Of course Trump’s staunch and loyal followers/supporters put her on their shit list on social media from then on. Kelly and Trump had their own back-and-forth dust-up post-debate that had Trump refusing to join in another FNC debate if Megyn Kelly was part of the panel. In addition, Megyn Kelly has been the catalyst for some irritation in prime time. When her then new show “The Kelly Files” shuffled the prime time schedule. Bill O’Reilly remained at 8:00pm. However, Sean Hannity’s show was moved to 10:00, Kelly took 9:00, and Greta Van Susteren was bumped from 10:00 to 7:00pm, thereby bumping Shep Smith’s split schedule 7:00 show to just his early afternoon gig. I never believed this was going over too well with some folks.

Anyhow, these days of “microaggression” perception, anything can be considered a personal offense, and an unsure job situation can turn that into parinoia or even the want for a nice settlement to move on. Who knows exactly what the Hell is going on…


Exclusive — Fox News Stars Stand With Roger Ailes Against Megyn Kelly, More Than 50 Fox Contributors, All Primetime, Willing To Walk

Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Greta Van Susteren, Shepard Smith, Bret Baier, Eric Bolling, Neil Cavuto, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Laura Ingraham, Geraldo Rivera, Juan Williams, Jeanine Pirro, Bo Dietl, Monica Crowley, all of the Fox and Friends hosts, and at least 50 Fox News contributors are willing to depart the network if Ailes is ousted, and leave with him to form a new network, one of the network’s anchors told Breitbart News late Tuesday.

All of them stand against Megyn Kelly, and all of them stand with Roger Ailes.

This development, which has been confirmed to Breitbart News by multiple network sources, effectively boxes in those who want to remove Ailes. Either they can throw all in behind Megyn Kelly—in which case they would have to forfeit most of the rest of the network—or they can stand with the hardworking anchors and news personalities at Fox News.

“If Fox wants to become the ‘all about Megyn Network,’ that’s fine,” one top Fox News host said. “We stand with Roger. And real anger has emerged that the so-called Megyn incident happened 10 years ago. The consensus among the hosts and contributors is: ‘Why didn’t she say anything then? Really, the same woman that posed half naked in GQ? The same woman on Howard Stern saying what?’”

A second top Fox News Channel host told Breitbart News: “If Megyn Kelly wants to leave, we are fine with that. Good riddance.”

Megyn Kelly Rallied a Female Colleague to Testify Against Roger Ailes

According to a source briefed on the investigation, Kelly has helped at least one colleague speak out, too. In recent days, Kelly has called a former Fox female anchor and encouraged her to share her experience of harassment by Ailes with the corporate investigators. The former Fox anchor had described to Kelly being kissed against her will by Ailes during a private meeting. According to a person briefed on Kelly’s thinking, Kelly decided to speak to Paul, Weiss attorneys and encourage others to do so because she felt that a parade of Fox women marching to Ailes’s defense was presenting a distorted public account of the company’s culture. “Megyn thought the other side of the story needed to be told,” the source said.

Kelly has so far declined to comment. Her lawyer told the New York Times that “she has cooperated with the inquiry fully and truthfully.”

Ailes has responded by launching a counteroffensive against Kelly. Earlier today, Fox spokesperson Irena Briganti emailed reporters a list of glowing remarks Kelly has made about Ailes through the years. Meanwhile, Ailes’s lawyer, Susan Estrich, denied the allegations, telling The Hollywood Reporter: “Roger has spent the last 10 years helping Megyn Kelly become the star that she is.” And tonight, Breitbart News reported that more than 50 Fox on-air personalities will walk if Ailes is forced out. One Fox source says the article is spin, and that there’s no talk of mass exodus among anchors. “This is being made up,” the person said.


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