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Night One of the RNC Convention

trump fog

Even if I am 110% behind the candidate I still am not all that interested in watching these things. I was back and forth with it last night. Last night’s theme was based on support of law enforcement in the nation, and on Hillary Clinton’s biggest and deadliest failure Benghazi.

There was some “unrest” on the floor as #NeverTrump delegates took a last gasping breath:

Ace @ AoSHQ lays out the stomp-off-the-convention floor yesterday of Iowa’s and Colorado’s delegates: Insurrection at the RNC?

Pro-Cruz delegates reportedly threatening mass walk-out before Trump’s speech Thursday

Rocky opening for GOP convention as Cruz forces clash with team Trump

Republican officials approve convention rules, triggering uproar


But then, only democrat party sausage-making is fantastically “democratic” and wonderfully wonderful and we are all so very privileged to ever witness it.

But, gee, I’m waking to all the dust-up over Melania Trump’s RNC speech from last night. I thought she did great. She looked and sounded very much genuine and in control Having grown up closely amid my Hungarian Grandparents and attending Catholic school with Italian Oblate nuns I didn’t find it hard at all to follow her heavily accented English. But I guess her speech writer(s) (a democrat speech writer, as I am seeing?) ‘lifted’ a section from Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech. LOL! Well, not that it’s proper, but that shit happens in politics. I’m sure Michelle can vouch for that, given the last over 8 years of her husband and his speech writers doing it repeatedly. But I guess some political animals are more entitled than others, eh?

Hell, I’m only disappointed Mrs. Trump didn’t say something to the tune of, “My whole adult life I have always been proud of America, and that is why I became a citizen of this great and promising nation.”

More on that below…

I saw Sheriff David Clarke’s and former Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s strong and fantastic speeches.

But this is one particular speech that the ‘tolerant and compassionate’ desk jockies at MSM just found so unbelievably unpalatable … to them…

And here is how Chris Matthews and the rest of the bag of dicks at MSNBC reacted to Sean Smith’s bereaved and aggrieved mother

From the moment that Pat Smith concluded her Monday night speech at the Republican National Convention (RNC) about how her son was murdered in the 2012 Benghazi terror attack, MSNBC had their marching orders to annihilate, demean, and smear Smith for her attacks on Hillary Clinton that left the assembled cast of liberals confused at the “gross accusation” that’s “ruined” the entire night.

Co-host Rachel Maddow seemed confused at the idea of Smith’s outrage at Clinton’s failed leadership so Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson chimed in that it was “an extraordinary thing” and seemed confused at Smith linking Clinton to what happened to her son.


The relevant portions of the transcript from the 8:00 p.m. Eastern hour of MSNBC’s Republican National Convention coverage can be found below.

MSNBC’s The Place For Politics 2016
July 18, 2016
8:31 p.m. Eastern

RACHEL MADDOW: Pat Smith there said she holds Hillary Clinton personally responsible for killing her son, for the death of her son.

EUGENE ROBINSON: Right which is an extraordinary thing. I mean, because the sort of basis for that seems to be what Hillary Clinton did or did not tell her after the fact but I didn’t quite make the connection as to why she holds her personally responsible for the death.

MADDOW: Not as a political analyst but as a citizen watching this, I feel so emotionally empathetic for her loss and I don’t — it is hard for me to see somebody grieving that hard put in a position to make a political statement like that. Obviously, nobody is taking advantage of her. She’s speaking on her own terms. She’s saying what she wants to be saying but the combination of the rawness of her emotional truth and the case that she’s making about Hillary Clinton essentially calling Hillary Clinton a murderer and saying she should be put in prison for it, that is — that’s playing with a very specific kind of fire that almost is impossible for me to watch, I have to say.


ROBINSON: I mean, it strikes me that 10, 15 minutes ago we were talking about Bob Dole. We were a very different time in American politics when there were adversaries as opposed to enemies and, you know, to say that the nominee of the other party should be in stripes, should be in prison —

MADDOW: From the stage of the convention.

ROBINSON: — is the kind of statement we’re not used to hearing from the state of a political convention.


CHRIS MATTHEWS: I have to say I’m overwhelmed because I thought that Marcus Luttrell’s remarks were fabulous and it’s from a real warrior. I saw the movie. It’s an amazing story about a guy who survived and at one point really was generous of saving the lives potentially on the other side and ended up causing the danger that he faced and, of course, Bob Dole was shot and really maimed for life, if you really understand his injuries, trying to save the life of someone else on the battlefield. I mean, these are two, wonderful stories and then to pile on to that this gross accusation that somehow, Hillary Clinton had anything to do with the death of Chris Stevens, the ambassador, she had nothing to do with it. Even if all the arguments about the PR afterwards, as Gene pointed are true, worst case scenario, she didn’t give a straight story afterwards. That had nothing to do with the death of our great ambassador over there. I don’t understand why the Republicans would choose to put this on primetime television when they have such wonderful stories of American heroism to speak to the American people. I think it was wrong. I don’t care what that woman up there, the mother has felt, her emotions are her own but for the country in choosing a leader, it’s wrong to have someone get up there and tell a lie about Hillary Clinton. It’s not true. It’s logically not true. It’s manifestly not true she had anything to do in that case, even if all of the arguments about what she said afterwards or Susan Rice said afterwards on Meet the Press are true and anybody who thinks about it for a second knows it’s not true and I think it’s wrong that they ruined their evening with this.

MADDOW: It was an interesting decision on the part of the Republican Party to go there with this first night making it so focused, especially right at the front of primetime on Benghazi. Obviously, what’s happened in terms of investigating Benghazi attack, investigating Hillary Clinton’s potential culpability of the Benghazi attack, there’s been almost nothing that’s been more investigated in Washington, the Benghazi Committee investigation was longer than almost any other congressional inquiry into anything in the history of the United States, including the JFK assassination and 9/11 and a lot of people thought, a lot of people felt that the Republican Party in Congress were giving signals that they would release the results of that report in which they would somehow say that Hillary Clinton was responsible for it, that they would push that up to October, make it the surprise right before the November election. In fact, that committee has already presented their reports and they found that she was not culpable, that this — these attacks could not be blamed on her, nor could the character of the response and the question of whether or not the American response could have saved lives. That has been almost literally litigated. It has been investigated by both partisan and nonpartisan inquiries in Washington over and over and over again as a matter of real capability it is settled but they’ve put it at page one tonight.

Funny how Chrissy and the rest of the MSNBC clown posse absolutely adored Cindy Sheehan and even pressured her to run for Congress. We were not allowed to question or fault her endless sorrow and outrage. She was akin to the Virgin Mary weeping at the foot of the cross.

The mother of Michael Brown is going to speak at the DNC convention. I am sure that’ll be sopping with accusations of racism, police brutality, and BLM bullshit to bolster her saintly son. The MSNBC clown posse just couldn’t get their piss brains around Ms. Smith’s continued anger and anguish at the fact that her son, like Amb. Stevens, requested more security because he knew what was about to go down in Benghazi, and he told his mother he knew he’d die there. And then he does, and Hillary and the rest of the administration lies to her and the rest of the families right smack over the Flag-draped caskets. And these same cable network geniuses simple cannot comprehend how any of it was Hillary’s fault/responsibility? Ms. Smith has always asked, “I want her to tell me why my son had to die?” THAT goes back to Hillary’s primary responsibility over those people sent to Benghazi, from the time they left the US to the time they returned in those coffins. And then her responsibility to their families for the truth.

But Ms. Smith is bumped into the back seat as GOP candidate Donald Trump’s wife took the podium late in the evening and gave her speech that is being slammed for ‘ripping off’ Michelle Obama’s 2008 DNC speech. While I think it can be pointed out, let’s not lose sight of the fact that the Obama’s have been caught ‘lifting’ from the speeches of others during their time in the selective MSM spotlight…

Obama ‘Steals’ from King and Jefferson

“Just Words”. Just not Obama’s, but Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s words

Obama’s State of the Union Was Tantamount to Plagiarism: Obama’s address contained enough recycled ideas and lines from others to make historians wince.

2008 Primary Campaign: Clinton Camp Says Obama Plagiarized in Speech

“Let’s see,” Mr. Obama said. “I’ve written two books. I wrote most of my speeches. I would add that I noticed Senator Clinton, on occasion, has used words of mine as well.”

The exchange injected a fresh dose of contention into the bitter fight for the Democratic nomination. Mr. Obama said two of his standard lines — “It’s time to turn the page” and “Fired up and ready to go” — have made their way into Mrs. Clinton’s remarks in recent weeks.

So, what’s goes around comes around in dirty politics. And from what I am seeing this morning Mrs. Trump’s speech was written by a democrat speech writer… I’ll up date this part if true.

Ed Morrissey @ HotAir:

Melania told Matt Lauer that she had written most of the speech on her own, but that seems unlikely. The Trump campaign will call this a media-created story, but that mashup will be veeeeerrrrrry difficult to explain. Expect to see someone fired off the team soon, and an effort to direct attention to the other Trumps who will be speaking over the next few days. (And expect them to recheck their speeches to ensure that their writers haven’t borrowed from someone else before they take the stage, too.)

It’s a shame, too, because Melania did a very good job of delivering the speech. It was well received on the delegate floor, and drew favorable reviews in the media until people started connecting dots to the 2008 speech. After Rudy Giuliani’s fiery speech, Melania hit the right emotional note for an effective close, Unfortunately, the evening didn’t stop there, but continued through several more speeches as the hall emptied out, leaving some very poor optics in the last thirty to forty minutes. Perhaps organizers will need to rearrange the next few evenings to avoid a repeat … of which we have had enough already.

Manafort defends Melania Trump’s convention speech after plagiarism charges

Priebus says he’d ‘probably’ fire Melania Trump speechwriter over similarities to ’08 address

D’OH!!!: Michelle Obama Copied Alinsky in Speech Melania Trump Allegedly Plagiarized

Meanwhile, more of the great speeches from last night (follow below the fold):

Republicans have their celebrities too…

VIDEO – Lifelong Democrat supports Trump because of immigration


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