Liberal MSM Kicks and Punches Grieving Mother


The ugliness that has been spat at Patricia Smith, mother of Sean Smith one of four Americans murdered in Benghazi, since her scathing speech against Hillary Clinton at the RNC Convention last night has been off the charts … But as astounding as it is for most people not familiar with the ugly, slimy underbelly of the left, it really is what many of us have known about the fork-tongued bastards for years.


Too little, too late? GQ writer apologizes for saying he wanted to ‘beat [Pat Smith] to death’

Chris Matthews: I Don’t Care How The Mother Of Murdered Benghazi Victim Felt, Wrong For Her To Get Up There And Lie About Clinton

Um, Chrissy, Hillary did lie. The investigation proved so.

Oh, and PolitiFact examines Patricia Smith’s RNC speech; Would Hillary’s claim have been an ‘intentional lie’?

Pretty sure that’s a solid “Hell, yes”, PolitiFact.

The dust-up over Trump’s wife allegedly lifting Mooch Obama’s speech she lifted from Saul Alinsky is quite probably and possibly being pushed to throw shade on the Pat Smith speech damning Hillary Clinton on the big stage…

The RNC speech more people should be talking about: Patricia Smith tells the truth about Hillary Clinton, Benghazi

Smith blamed Hillary Clinton “personally” for her son’s death, and said the former Secretary of State lied about what happened that night, and what prompted it.

We know Smith is correct, thanks to an email Hillary managed not to erase.

She lied to the American people when she told them that an obscure “anti-Islamic” video on YouTube had inspired the killers. Now Hillary Clinton wants to be president. Smith is doing her part to try to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Ace @ AoSHQ: Liberals Shriek That Pat Smith Has Absolutely No Moral Authority To Mention Hillary Clinton’s Negligent Murder of Her Son

Yeah I remember when the left got up in arms about ads essentially claiming Romney gave a woman cancer.

JIM GERAGHTY @ NRO isn’t letting this pass: The Sudden, Short-Lived Objection to Political Speeches from Grieving Mothers


2 comments on “Liberal MSM Kicks and Punches Grieving Mother

  1. […] of the Benghazi victims are liars, as well as the men themselves who were there and survived. Also, the treatment of Sean Smith’s mother Patricia Smith after her addressing the RNC-Con by the Hillary camp, the DNC, and the media was equally appalling […]


  2. […] gets banned from Twitter … a well-known cesspool of far worse crap, much like sports writer Nathaniel Friedman’s Bethlehem Shoals account on Twitter is still standing after threatening S… Patricia Smith with a ‘beat to death’ by himself for daring to speak at the RCN […]


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