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Turkey: Military Coup Fails … Erdogan Returns with Planned Vengeance


Well, it seemed as though Turkey’s military had this last night. However, as the night progressed a surge of defiance from the civilians who did not heed the order to stay at home in doors and chose to obey the demands from the local officials loyal to the Erdogan regime to flood the streets and help loyalist police in battling the military tanks and soldiers.

And so, as we wake this morning and ponder how the secular constitution-driven military coup in Turkey resulted we discover the Erdogan regime remains intact with the help of his loyal citizens who support his plans to turn their country into yet another ISIS-supporting Islamic hellhole …

Turkish soldier ‘beheaded by pro-government mob on Istanbul’s Bosphorus Bridge’ after failed coup attempt

At least eight of the coup’s leadership army officers made a last minute escape via helicopter out of Turkey seeking asylum in Greece. Erdogan is demanding their “prompt return” in order to punish them … presumably much in the manner as the mob dealt with the officer on the bridge.

The officers who were seeking asylum in Greece were identified as as two majors, a captain and five privates, Anadolu Agency, a state-run news organization, reported. The request is futher evidence that the coup was unsuccessful.

The officers were reportedly arrested for illegal entry in the country. The Greek government said a Turkish Blackhawk helicopter will be returned to Turkey “as soon as possible” but it will examine the asylum demand made by eight military personnel who were arrested after landing Saturday.

The coup attempt was swift and came as a surprise to allies in the region. Forces loyal to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan managed to quash the coup attempt in a night of explosions, air battles and gunfire that left at least 161 dead and at least 1,000 injured.

Authorities arrested thousands of people and Erdogan vowed that those responsible “will pay a heavy price for their treason.”

All soldiers involved in the attempted coup at the military headquarters in the capital, Ankara, have been taken into custody, the state-run news agency reported.

The report says anti-terrorism police will now conduct a “detailed search” at the headquarters. NTV television has shown footage of a Turkish colonel and other soldiers being taken into custody at military headquarters.

The video shows them being hand-searched by special forces police, their hands behind their heads. Some are later seen kneeling on the ground, their hands still held behind their heads.

According to Hurriyet newspaper’s online edition, some of the privates who were detained told interrogators they were not aware that they were part of a coup attempt. They had been told by commanders they were taking part in military maneuvers. Some said they understood that it was a coup attempt when they saw civilians climb on tanks.

Military chief of staff Gen. Hulusi Akar is taking over the command of the operation against the coup plotters, CNN-Turk said.


The coup soldiers had the tanks and guns, but tried very hard not to harm the civilians.

Many of the civilians were prompted by the government that seeks to completely remove their personal freedoms and control and dictate their lives according to Sharia to attack the soldiers.

The Daily Mail UK obviously decided whose side they were on during the coup to halt the transformation of Turkey into an Islamic state as the writer of this article is mighty proud of the civilian mob who acted just they way they would were they … ISIS.

The anticipated ramifications of this coup failing will now unfold as Erdogan not only seeks vengeance on those Turks who dared oppose him in their attempt to save and preserve their secular constitutional country from the growing ideology-based regime, but as he puts-on ‘the authoritative strut’ and increases and speeds-up the process. Many of those in the streets fighting, not allying, with the coup will soon realize they were ‘used’ and on the wrong side.

Wag The Dog:

There is a running theory that this coup was “staged”. President Erdogan’s popularity and support were falling inside Turkey. Much of it driven by his fundamental Islamic turn in governing, and by his harboring of “refugees”, and recent terror attacks inside Turkey. However, what better way to get back some of that support from the masses than to “patriotically” manipulate and rile them up with a “coup” in the streets? And now he will use this ‘coup’ as reason to more quickly impose his absolute dictatorship in Turkey. This theory is more valid than you might believe, especially in that part of the world.

MORE via Drudge Report and FOX Headlines:

Army sees itself as guardian of country’s secular constitution…

EXILE IN US TO BLAME? Cleric in Pennsylvania blamed for coup attempt

  • VIDEO: Former CIA head on fallout from ‘clumsy’ coup in Turkey
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