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The Severity of Hillary’s Email Security Breach

This is something the democrats, Hillary Clinton, and the MSM certainly don’t want us to hear. And from what I can gather, Youtube keeps taking down this video. If that happens the video is included in the link below in a different video format. Also more testimony from this panel can be found via C-SPAN archives.

Just listen to how extremely severe a security breach was created and operated by Hillary’s email practice. It’s far worse than you think

Lest you think that the Republicans in Congress investigating Hillary Clinton’s email malfeasance do so frivolously, this testimony by Charles McCullough, Intelligence Community Inspector General will dissuade you of that notion. Watch and be horrified.

Jason Chaffetz asks Mr. McCullough whether he can release the classified information. He says that he can with some but with others,”the agency associated has limited distribution on those.” He is then asked to name the agency and can’t because the agency itself is too top-secret. He is asked to specify generally the kind of intelligence and he can’t do that either or risk the nation’s security.



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