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Not Before My Morning Coffee: 7-16-16


Good Saturday morning, fellow Spectators!

Looks like the University of North Texas has this exceptional coffee mug among their latest line of school branded merchandise. Might be nice if some of the campus coeds supporting Hillary got to gether and sent her one to let her know they’re thinking of her, no?

Some headlines to hopefully get out minds away from the migraine-inducing news:


World’s Largest Viking Ship Might be Defeated by U.S. Coast Guard


Pokémon Go: Yet another inane fad for Americans to obsess over while ignoring reality


Scientists are painting eyes on cows’ butts to stop lions getting shot

‘Land’ on Pluto’s Icy Plains in This Amazing New NASA Video


Sir Mick Jagger, 72, is set to become a father for the EIGHTH time with American ballerina girlfriend Melanie Hamrick, 29

Best Morning Workout EVER:

“Screaming” in sci-fi movies circa 1959:

“Screaming” in sci-fi movies 20 years later in 1979:


This morning’s NBMMC post brought to you by ‘good advice’:

no hooking

Go out and make it a great weekend, Spectators!!!


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