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BREAKING/DEVELOPING: Military Coup Attempted in Turkey


Um … Um … Um … ??!!??!!???????? HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was just into see my eye doctor a week ago. She takes off most of the summer so her family can travel together to see family abroad. She has one daughter who has been living in Istanbul for a year or more now going to school, and they are going to be leaving their son there with her so he can attend school as well. I expressed to her to be careful because the world is a bit crazy right now, and she smiled and said “It can happen anywhere…”

God, keep them safe.

Turkey’s military is said to be secular-based … MOST especially the Generals and officer ranks … while President Erdogan is centered in Islam. These last few years under his leadership has not been exactly agreeable to Turkey’s military who has been in disagreement with much of his anti-constitution and foreign policies, especially toward Israel. The military didn’t want Erdogan to turn the country into another Islamic Republic like Iran…

WSJ: Turkish Military Claims It Has Control of Government

ISTANBUL—The Turkish military said it had seized control of the government, while the prime minister tried to assure the country that the government remained in charge.

The Turkish military said in a statement saying that it was “reestablishing constitutional order” and the country would abide by international agreements.

“Turkish armed forces, in order to reestablish constitutional order, democracy, rights and freedoms, rule of law, safety and security of the Turkish nation and the state, has taken over all governmental responsibilities of the Republic of Turkey,” the officer said, reading the military’s statement during a telephone interview.

Mr. Yildirim appeared on live television Friday night to say that segments of the military were trying to carry out a coup as troops closed off major bridges in Istanbul, tanks took up positions at the city airport and jets flew low over the capital. He said those trying to overthrow the government would pay a heavy price.

“The government elected by the people remains in charge,” said Prime Minister Binali Yildirim. “This government will only go when the people say so.”

Turkish troops closed off two major bridges over the Bosphorus Strait. Television footage showed military tanks outside Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport. Jets flew low over Ankara, witnesses said.

The coup attempt marks a stunning attempt to seize power from President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the powerful Turkish leader who has effectively ruled the country since his Islamist-leaning political party took control of the country in 2002…

Gorka: Importance of coup in Turkey can’t be overemphasized – Insight from Dr. Sebastian Gorka, author of ‘Defeating Jihad’ – VIDEO

It’ll be VERY interesting to hear the White House’s and Hillary Clinton’s reaction(s) to this latest development.

As I am reading it, something ‘started’ inside the army itself. Here’s hoping it was the secular troops ridding themselves of whatever radical Islamic element in the ranks overtly loyal to the government.

Twitchy: WATCH: There’s something major going down in Turkey right now

FOX News: BREAKING NEWS: Coup underway in Turkey, military says it has taken over ‘entire management of the country’

He phoned it in…


Report: Turkey’s military helicopters shooting out satellite dishes, taking out most of “state TV”. FaceBook and Twitter being “blocked” in Turkey. Military says it has taken over government. Explosions and gunfire still being heard in the capital. President is on vacation out of the country, so, coup well-timed/planned.

Tensions have been high in Turkey due to the government’s tightening of secularism and steering the government into a more Islamic based government.


‘Erdogan has been systematically moving the country away from democracy into basically an Islamic based dictatorship. More journalists in prison in Turkey than are in prison in China … First of August is when the president appoints new military leaders to purge military of secularists. This was the military’s chance to strike…’ – Charles Krauthammer (paraphrasing while I’m watching “Special Report”)





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