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Trump VP Choice: Could Be Pence … Could Be Pumpernickel


GOP presumptive presidential candidate Donald Trump is expected to name his vice presidential pick tomorrow in Cleveland. People have been speculating for the last couple of days, and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence’s name keeps getting mentioned. Today it is seeming like it is a good possibility he will be the one…

(FOX News) – The VP nod may not be official yet – but Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is abandoning his gubernatorial bid, all but assuring he’s in line to be Donald Trump’s running mate.

Republican sources tell Fox News that Pence, who faced a Friday deadline to make a decision, will not run for re-election.

This comes amid multiple reports that Pence is in line to be named as Trump’s running mate.

The Trump campaign still insists an offer has not formally been made to anyone.

Trump plans to make his official announcement Friday morning.

The announcement follows a very-public vetting process that included meetings in recent days with Pence, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, among others.

If Trump settles on Pence, who went from dark horse to leading contender in a matter of days, the pick presumably is aimed at galvanizing support from the party’s conservative base as Trump charges into the Republican nominating convention.

Consideration of Pence also has put Trump on the clock. Pence faced a Friday deadline to file paperwork to appear on the official state ballot as either a gubernatorial or vice presidential candidate. Under state law, his name could not appear on the ballot twice.

Pence, now in a tough re-election bid, spent 12 years in Congress including as the leader of the House Republican Conference.

Pence emerged relatively late in the vice presidential stakes.

But he moved almost immediately to the top of the list, considering he gives the Trump campaign much-needed social conservative credentials without the kind of political baggage that Democrats had hoped to exploit in other finalists like Christie or Gingrich.


Townhall is claiming: CONFIRMED: Trump/Pence 2016


Trump cheerleader Ann Coulter not exactly turning cartwheels over possible Pence pick


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