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We Cannot Solve the Problem if We Refuse to Recognize and Address the Core Problem That has Festered for Decades


Last night on FOX’s “The Kelly File” there was a panel organized to discuss the current atmosphere within this country between the police and the ‘black community’ (video species not compatible with this site but can be viewed at the link). There was some interesting developments before the show even went to air…

And then there was this panelist…

More than one pro-Black Lives Matter panelist’s idea of “community solutions” called for not only the disarming of the nation’s police, but abolishing them. They also refused to look into the core problems/issues within their communities that are directly responsible for the current situation between citizens therein and the police. Nobody outraged about cops killing ‘young black men’ wants to discuss black-on-black crime/murder. Not-a-one of them. Instead they hurriedly and briskly wave off the subject and insist you move away from it. Somehow it is acceptable to them???

“Community solutions”???

Here is my lifelong observations (as an outsider) from youth to adulthood. I have family members who are/were law enforcement, some in very bad areas of the nation. They confirm my observations as valid…

Cooperation between law enforcement and citizens began dissolving around 30-40 years ago when the police came to investigate crimes in ‘black’ neighborhoods the neighbors decided NOT to give the police any info/help in capturing the perps out of fear of retaliation from said perps/gangs. Police investigations began to go nowhere, and ended up unsolved … adding to the escalation of empowerment of the perps/criminals. Crime went up and became more violent in the black neighborhoods. So bad that the police felt increasingly unsafe, and increasing defeated because they were getting no help from the neighbors who shook their heads and shut their doors when approached for information/testimony. “Cooperation” between the citizens of black neighborhoods/communities and the police has all but completely evaporated. And now the police are the designated bad guys not to be trusted, except to ‘trust’ that the cops are only there to hunt and kill ‘young black males’ for sport, or something.

Instances of police (and sometimes even emergency fire/EMT services) being sniper-fired upon reared its ugly head, and since has also increased.

The criminal element rooted itself in the neighborhoods and set up their own PR system of fear of retaliation in the adult neighbors and ‘hero worship’ by flashing wads of ill-gotten cash in front of the youth and indoctrinating them to the falsehood that this was their only way to get ahead in this world and that the cops were going to stand in their way.

The police eventually became outnumbered by the criminal element in these neighborhoods, and even betrayed by the lost younger generations who sided with it, refusing to honor and obey their own family authority figures. And the neighbors began bitching and moaning about how the police weren’t so quick to come when 911 was dialed. Why aren’t they doing their job and protecting them from being robbed, beaten, raped, shot, murdered? Why aren’t the cops fixing this? It’s racist/bigoted because it’s black neighborhoods, isn’t it? If a black citizen is in trouble they’re low priority, or ‘no priority’ at all, huh? If it were a ‘white’ neighborhood/woman/business/child/etc…

And still information/testimony is not being volunteered by these neighbors in order to clean out their neighborhoods so that their elderly can sleep peacefully at night, their kids can go to school to learn legitimate paths to a better life and heed their family elders guidance and authority instead of ceding to the criminals.

Now when the police enter these neighborhoods they have no idea who they can and cannot trust. Is this a suicide mission when they are called to come to these areas?

So, these self-styled brilliant ‘community organizers’ believes the cops should be disarmed. You’d better believe the bad guys will smack-down your attempts at ‘community organizing’ and grow their own overlord-ships of your communities when that happens and they take full control of your neighborhoods/communities unchallenged. They WILL have the weapons. They WILL use the weapons. You WILL submit every little thing and all your power to them. And if you can still call 911, the police will not be able to enter your neighborhoods. So, lady, good luck with that…

When law-abiding citizens and law enforcement are disarmed evil is fully loaded for bear, large and in-charge…

MORE ‘community’ intellect:

And picking people like Obama and this vermin as your community leaders is counter productive: Remember When Al Sharpton Said to Kill Police Officers?

Change: Cops walk out of Lynx game after players don Black Lives Matter shirts

NFL’s Isaiah Crowell posts, deletes pic of ISIS-like execution of police officer

A Tale Of Two Pictures … One staged and hyped. One in ‘real-time’

Everybody thinks they’re the Chinese student standing up to the tanks. As if the police were going to do anything aggressive with her. The ‘moment’ would have meant a hell of a lot more had she reached out her hand in friendship and community to them instead of standing there daring/waiting for them to run her over, or whatever. BTW, the Chinese student had seen his friends run over by the tanks. This woman had nothing to fear. She knew full-well nothing would happen to her. Nice touch with the flowing dress and ballet flats, btw. Too bad she didn’t think to wear a set of angel wings. Oh, and for the photog who helped generate the premise of this picture, black and white would have been a better call for, you know, your intended impact in the viral community. The Dallas cop photo, on the other hand (photo header for this post), knew the chances of the next bullet coming for him were great.

An example of some of these bright ideas of ‘community activism/organizing’ can be found in this report from 8 years ago when Obama was running for POTUS on his hyped-up status of ‘community organizer’ without any evidence of positive results by said MSM.

It is NOT the guns. It is those who load and fire the guns. Disarming the police and the law-abiding citizens will only make it far, far worse…


One comment on “We Cannot Solve the Problem if We Refuse to Recognize and Address the Core Problem That has Festered for Decades

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