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Sell-Out: Bernie ‘Berns’ His Loyal Anti-Establishment Supporters


“Secretary Clinton has won the Democratic nomination … And I congratulate her for that.”

Right now, you loyal Bern-bots, your socialist ‘for the little people’ hero is selling you out to the wealthy, ‘white privileged’, establishment Hillary Clinton and the DNC…

(FOX News) – Bernie Sanders on Tuesday delivered his long-awaited endorsement of Democratic primary rival Hillary Clinton — who in exchange for that support gave the Vermont senator a platform to lay out what amounts to his socialist-inspired vision he expects Clinton to carry and the party to promote.

The Vermont senator spoke at length as he endorsed Clinton and went on to hammer his own campaign agenda that includes Wall Street reform, free college, a higher minimum wage and expanded, government-backed health care.

In turn, Clinton echoed many of Sanders’ campaign priorities, completing the embrace of many planks of his agenda that has been in the works for weeks — notably, on college debt.

“We’re going to make college debt-free for all, and help millions of people struggling with existing student debt save thousands of dollars,” she said.

She also said, “Wages are just too low for most Americans to get ahead. We need to go big.”

The two shared the stage as Sanders declared he’ll “do everything possible to make certain she will be the next president of the United States.”


But more broadly, Sanders declared victory in having won “the most progressive platform in the history of the Democratic Party.” Clinton and her allies on the platform-writing committee have in recent days embraced several Sanders-backed proposals, a coming together which helped pave the way for Tuesday’s endorsement.

Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, told the crowd that he arrived on stage “not to look back, but to look to the future.”


Dear Bernie, I hope you know you have not only accepted, but embraced Hillary’s “damn emails”.


Hillary then went on to accept Bernie’s endorsement, and assumed/presumed she had the support of his Bern-hard followers, and adopted his rhetoric that sounded as if Bernie’s people wrote the socialist screed for her, pretending the Bernie-bots will forget she is at the very top and center of all those she is right now trashing…


Hillary nearly threw out her neck nodding, nodding, nodding, nodding so much that a bobble-head doll/dog in the back dash of a car would’ve vomited from motion sickness.

PRICELESS. Champion of the poor, Bernie Sanders, endorses super rich 1%’r, Hillary Clinton

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DUMP THE BERN: DEMS REVOLT AFTER BERNIE ENDORSES HILLARY – Bernie sold us out to Wall St., fans fume

‘Bernie is now officially part of the rigged system’

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