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Not Enough Hairs on a Yeti for This Woman to Split in Order to Avoid an Honest Answer…

The woman could not even answer the obvious answer to an obvious question. This is the fucking AG of the DOJ that is tasked with making sure she knows the law and making sure it is followed.

AG Lynch refuses to say giving classified information to people without a clearance is wrong

And so, in addition to the “dumb-assed” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, we are now supposed to accept AG Loretta Lynch is either too ‘dumb-assed’ or ‘confused’ to answer a direct question about who does and doesn’t have the legal passage to handle “classified” information, with or without the proper security clearance.

Ace @ AoSHQ: “Let a Thousand Treasons Bloom: Our Nation’s Attorney General Refuses to Say If The Law Means What It Says When It Says That Giving Secret Information to a Non-Cleared Person is Illegal”

At every turn, Lynch reverted to her scripted, mob-lawyer-vetted non-answer and refused to say if it is still a crime to disclose secret information to a person unauthorized to receive it.

I can understand her confusion — the law is very vague. Secret documents are routinely stamped, “It is a felony imprisonable by up to ten years to disclose this information to any unauthorized person.”

I can understand this unqualified hack’s confusion on the issue.

In a nutshell … yep.

Well, fuckitall, Edward Snowden come on home, buddy!!!


Austin Bay @ Instapundit:

CLINTON LAWYERS TRYING TO AVOID UNDER OATH DEPOSITION: Of course they are. The FBI conducted a criminal investigation but failed to put her under oath. Judicial Watch intends to. What she did put national security at risk. It is reasonable to ask if adversaries like Vlad Putin hacked her email system and are positioned to blackmail her.

Hillary Managed Her Emails Like Criminals I’ve Known: ‘There’s no evidence’ is the last refuge of a brazen criminal. I know, because two employees scammed me before destroying all the evidence, and it nearly got them off.

A ‘reasonable’ case for charging Hillary Clinton

Facebook Deletes Meme Page Mocking Hillary Clinton


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