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Once Again Obama and Lynch are Confused and Stumped by a Killer’s Motives…

And the DOJ’s “hate crime” bias—- er, discretion is obvious…

Attorney General Loretta Lynch told law enforcement union leaders Friday that it’s unlikely the Justice Department will pursue hate crime charges in Thursday’s Dallas shooting of police officers, Yahoo News has learned, because the suspect in the crime is dead.

Lynch told the leaders in the 45-minute meeting that a hate crime investigation would be on the table if more suspects are discovered, according to a police union official at the meeting. So far, investigators have said that evidence suggests the suspect, Micah Johnson, a 25-year-old Army veteran, acted alone. “We continue to have faith that the attorney general is going to take this as far as it goes,” the police union official said.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown said Friday morning the suspect in the murders of five police officers said he “wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.” The suspect told police he was not affiliated with any group and that he was upset by recent police shootings of black men…

Leaders of the Fraternal Order of Police, which represents more than 300,000 police officers, pressed Lynch during the meeting to consider investigating the crime as a hate crime. They also shared their concerns about the tone of the racially charged debate around police-involved shootings.

The federal hate crimes statute applies to offenders targeting people based upon their “actual or perceived race, color, religion, or national origin.” (Sexual orientation and gender identity were added to the list in 2009.) In 2014, 23 percent of federal racial hate crimes were motivated by anti-white bias, with 64 percent motivated by anti-black bias. The police union has unsuccessfully pushed for Congress to include police officers in the hate crime statute. Hate crimes typically carry stiffer punishments than regular crimes.

The New York Post reported Friday citing anonymous sources that the Justice Department would consider launching an investigation into the shootings as a hate crime.

But Melanie Newman, a Justice Department spokesperson, called that report “absolutely not true.”

“We have no updates or announcements on any investigations at this time,” she said.


So, AG Lynch is rationalizing that the Dallas anti-white/anti-police ambush and massacre is not a “hate crime” because so far this shooter acted alone. He ‘acted alone’???

Not that it matters because this filthy racist bastard in Dallas is dead, but I damn well want this ‘charged’ and put in the friggin books with any/all laws he broke, including capital murder.

“Acted alone”??? … You mean like ‘white’ Dylann Roof ‘acted alone’ when he killed blacks in their South Carolina church? Dylann Roof was charged with more than one count of “hate crimes”

Attorneys for accused church shooter Dylann Roof are now asking that all federal charges against their client be dropped, calling Roof’s government case unconstitutional.

According to Charleston, South Carolina news station WCSC, lawyers filed the motion Tuesday, arguing the federal government didn’t have the constitutional authority to prosecute Roof; instead, the state government should be left to handle the matter. They also claim the federal case against Roof violates his 13th Amendment rights (which outlawed slavery) and the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment.

“The charges at issue are extremely grave, but under the Constitution they are not properly charged,” argued Sarah Gannett, one of Roof’s lawyers. “The defendant therefore requests that the indictment be dismissed.”

The 21-year-old was slapped with 33 hate crimes charges after killing nine Black parishioners at the Mother Emanuel A.M.E. church in June of last year. Per WCSC, jury selection for his federal trial is set to begin Nov. 7 while his state trial is scheduled for January 17, 2017. Prosecutors at the state and federal levels are seeking the death penalty for Roof…

Oh, cut sweet Loretta some slack. She’s still scratching her head over the motivation of avowed ISIS operative, anti-gay Islamist Omar Mateen’s slaughter of the innocent in a Orlando gay nightclub last month.

Sweet Jesus! I’m beyond livid!

The mask is off, America.
Look at the beast behind it.


Black Lives Matter Issues Astonishing Statement Condemning Violence in Dallas

Oh, sure … Mmm, hmmm…

Black activists have raised the call for an end to violence, not an escalation of it. Yesterday’s attack was the result of the actions of a lone gunman. To assign the actions of one person to an entire movement is dangerous and irresponsible. We continue our efforts to bring about a better world for all of us.

Is that true? Actually, no. Many local BLM chapters and self-identified supporters of the organization have been openly calling for the murder of police and white people.

The BLM statement’s rejection of the murder of five Dallas police officers displays a very different attitude on civilian violence against law enforcement.

Back in August 2015, the St. Paul, Minn. Black Lives Matter branch organized a rally after a Harris County (TX) Sheriff’s deputy was ambushed and executed at a gas station. rally, protesters carried signs reading “End White Supremacy” while chanting anti-cop rhetoric, like “pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon.”


One comment on “Once Again Obama and Lynch are Confused and Stumped by a Killer’s Motives…

  1. There is a quintessential article by VDH on this very subject. I read it today at national review.com.
    It should be required reading in every school in the country and force fed to journalists and teachers everywhere.


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