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Oh, Man … This Unconscionable, Sociopathic, Narcissistic Political Harpy

Hey, she stands by her lies and carelessness with our national security. It was everybody else who she assumed was experienced and not total fuck-ups like herself. The buck doesn’t stop at her desk, Wolf.

Just more and more Clintonian forked-tongue, double-speak, hair-splitting bullshit.

Hillie, had Wolf been, you know, not anticipating pinching his snout on election day to vote for you he would’ve remind you those ‘other people’ sent it to you those highly sensitive national security documents/emails the only way that they could, to your private email server that you set up and operated without authorization and without proper security! And at least on one occasion you insisted classification markings be removed from header(s) and the info in question sent ‘unsecured’ via email to you, and by that your server.

Not only does Hillary and her campaign think the ambush and massacre of Dallas Police Officers, the evening after a long morning of FBI Dir. James Comey’s further inadvertent trashing of her integrity and “sophistication” in his Congressional hearing testimony, has pushed all that exposure off the front burner attention of the American people, but seriously believe anyone with a shot glass-full of brain cells is going to take anything this self-serving, criminal harpy says about “justice” seriously, and without choking laughter of disbelief.

Hillary lectures ‘white Americans’ about justice from her perch high above the law

So … I guess if Amb. Stevens had been “black” YOU would have listened to his multiple warnings and pleas, and you would’ve either sent in more security or pulled our people out of Benghazi. Got it.


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