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Concealed Carry Gun: Know How To Safely Handle a Police Traffic Stop Situation

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Two more recent police shootings of civilians have the pro and anti-gun segments of our society concerned. Granted, the nation’s police officers have every right to feel more unsafe than ever on the job, and especially with this administration throwing them under the bus at every ‘jump to judgement’ opportunity.

The second terrible shooting involves a man in a car (passenger side) in a traffic stop who had allegedly reached for his wallet/ID after telling the officer through the window he had a CC permit. The video his girlfriend on the driver’s side took and posted on social media picks up only after the multiple shots from the visibly upset officer standing outside the car.

Now some much needed advice for CC permit-holders and carriers is coming out, and everyone absolutely needs to educate themselves for the life and safety of themselves and the police.

Here is one blog: Beretta Blog: How to Handle a Traffic Stop with a Concealed Carry Gun

I saw somebody, a CC holder, this morning on social media saying what he suggests doing when being pulled over:

  • Immediately take wallet out and put down window
  • Put both hands on steering wheel – arms criss-crossed and obviously with wallet clenched
  • ALL BEFORE the officer leaves his vehicle and approaches your car.
  • When he/she does get to your window then inform them of your CC and the presence of your gun in the car
  • Remain still until told to do whatever by the officer


Baltimore saw steep fall in police numbers as murder rate soared


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