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Terrorism: Bombs. Bombs. More Bombs…

At least 4 killed in suicide blast near one of Islam’s holiest sites in Medina the area where Mohammed is buried. Can’t wait until they rationalize this. Multiple suicide blasts hit Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile Obama’s new besties-friends the Iranians … According to Hossein Salami, deputy commander of the IRGC, “the opportunity to destroy Israel is now better than ever.” So, yeah, that Obama/Kerry/Jarrett Iran diplomacy is apparently working out well for our actual allies Israel. But then, I’m pretty sure the Oval Officers are liking it this way.


One comment on “Terrorism: Bombs. Bombs. More Bombs…

  1. This is what someone commented on an article in NR online:

    It does not help to pretend that the cancer cells aren’t actually cancerous, to call cancer “a “Disease of Peace”, to conduct “Outreach to Cancer”, to publicly announce to the world all the “great historical achievements” of cancer cells through the Ages, or to explain away cancer cells by noting how poorly and unfairly the cells had been treated by the “privileged” cells of the body.

    And to this I add that it doesn’t help to show cancer cells we love them.


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