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James Comey’s Obama Administration Stockholm Syndrome…


The more I digest this abortion of justice we witnessed this morning the more I ponder if James Comey was speaking in code, much like our POWs did during their capture in the Vietnam War. You almost have to ponder if his eyes might have been blinking some sort of veiled SOS.


Was Comey stressed about some sort of pressure from his boss(es)? Or was he fully aware the American people would not only NOT buy his bullshit conclusion, but knew he was sacrificing his credibility and long career for an undeniable criminal whom he now realized he might be lifting up into the Oval Office…

(Washington Free Beacon) – FBI director James Comey’s argument on Tuesday for declining to recommend criminal charges in the Hillary Clinton email server investigation was “absolutely bizarre,” according to former U.S. prosecutors.

Comey announced at a press conference on Tuesday that the he would not recommend criminal charges to the Department of Justice in the case, despite finding that Clinton and her aides were “extremely careless” by sending hundreds of classified messages over multiple, unsecured private email servers.

While investigators concluded that information was improperly transmitted, Comey said he would not recommend criminal charges because “no reasonable prosecutor” would take up the case.

Joseph diGenova, former U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, called Comey’s statements an “absurdity in light of the conclusions that [the FBI] reached.”

“How can he spend 15 minutes describing a series of crimes being committed … and then he says no reasonable prosecutor [would prosecute]?” said diGenova. “That is ridiculous. I consider myself a reasonable prosecutor and I would have brought charges based on the facts that he accumulated.”


Matthew Whitaker, a former U.S. attorney for Iowa who now runs the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust, a watchdog group that has been critical of Clinton, said Comey’s argument against a criminal referral was highly unusual for a law enforcement official.

“He said no ‘reasonable prosecutor’ would file a case. That’s where he steps out of his role as FBI director,” said Whitaker. “It’s not his decision to make at all.”

“[FBI investigators] essentially just tell you here’s the facts and here’s the law, and the law has or hasn’t been violated—it’s a strange situation,” added Whitaker. “And I’ve never seen an FBI director or agent or anybody stand up in front of the media and go through their analysis of the case and the facts. The whole thing is unprecedented.”

DiGenova said the finding that Clinton and her aides were “extremely careless” in handling the classified information would meet the standard of “gross negligence” needed to prosecute.

“The standard under the statute is gross negligence. [Comey] described the conduct as ‘extremely careless,’” said diGenova. “To me that is worse. His conclusion that no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges is completely inconsistent with his recitation of the facts and the law.”


DiGenova said Comey’s decision set a damaging precedent for efforts to enforce classified information laws. He added that the press conference on Tuesday failed to put the email issue to rest and only raises news questions.

“As a result of what he did today this will never die,” said diGenova. “The public will have more to say about this even if the Bureau and the Justice Department and the president and Mrs. Clinton don’t. This is not going to go away especially after this bizarre performance.”

Hence the idea that Comey had that on his agenda knowing Lynch would never have indicted Hillary, no matter what his recommendation was. This way the completely pissed-off can keep tearing away at the mess and exposing it.

My oldest daughter, who is far from a political pundit and has only known the surface headline-type info on this whole scandal, sat and watched Comey’s statement this morning and was floored under the weight of her own disbelief that the substantial case had been made for a prosecution, but the man would not recommend it. I don’t think she is alone in this shock.



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