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Tim Tebow: How Far Tolerance and Civility Have Fallen


In all the years Tim Tebow has been in the wide-lens public eye he has never been found to do anything unseemly or bad, unlike many of his counterparts/peers in professional sports. As a matter of fact, most any news stories about Tebow involve his selfless acts that generally have him reaching out to everyday people in order to give them at least a few moments of warmth and joy to let them know they are not just lost amid the masses with their problems and issues. The young man has made no bones-about his very open and strong Christian faith. And why not? This nation was initially settled and then founded on free speech and freedom of religion. You have eyelids and neck muscles … Close them and/or look away. But the hate for Tebow is anchored in ridiculous NCAA team rivalry and hate, to this very day. Yeah, it’s that unsustainable, useless, and asshole-ish, for cripesakes.

During his career in the NFL Tebow’s decency, pro-life stance, and faith became fodder for the viciousness of the disgusting class that has developed and grown in our society. (I saw an old movie years ago depicting Sodom and Gomorrah, and today’s mob mentality, irrational sexual ‘norms’, and lack of personal/private space/thought attitude’s toward each other remind me of the collective sinners in that Biblical enclave before God nuked it). And I will add, were Mr. Tebow a Muslim and openly displaying his faith and reverence these same people would be demanding tolerance for him and his religion. But he is a devout Christian, so, they bring the cross and nails and gladly crucify him and then spit on him with their vitriol and vapid hate on social media and in the comments sections of sites that carry such stories about him, as in this latest.

Earlier this week Tim Tebow was on a flight from Atlanta to Phoenix. A male passenger suffered a heart attack. Tebow left his seat to join the man’s wife and friend in order to comfort and support her during these frightening moments. They prayed and prayed as this big young man, whom the wife probably had no idea of who he was even after he might have introduced himself to her, wrapped his arm around her to give her strength and emotional balance in order to deal with her husband’s horror. The photo above was one of a couple taken by other passengers nearby on the flight. They were not “selfies” taken by Tebow, and posted on his social media accounts. As far as Tim Tebow was concerned, at these moments only this woman and her stricken husband were in his universe, and he felt God had put them together in order for him to do exactly what he did for this family.

However, as soon as word, and photos, of this unfortunate event and Tebow’s indirect part in it, hit the news and social media the pus-slobbering vipers jumped all over it. David Whitley writing @ The Orlando Sentinel picks it up from here…

Did you hear the latest about Tim Tebow? He prayed with a woman as her husband was dying from a heart attack during an airplane flight.

Isn’t that disgusting?

“I think I’m going to throw up,” one commenter wrote.

There have been thousands more like that posted on websites that carried that story. They should provide plenty of material for psychiatrists studying Tebow Derangement Syndrome (TDS).


“Why is this even a story?”

Something tells me if that person had been Rob Gronkowski the commenter would have been fine with the story.

“Prayed? Give me a break. Get out of the way and let modern medicine take care of the sick. Idiot.”

Tebow’s religiosity is will forever animate TDS victims. In this case, the man died, which proved prayer is all a crock.

But if he had, lived would it have proved prayer works? Have all those “Pray For Orlando” signs and prayerful wishes from President Obama been of no value?


Tebow left the plane with her and collected her luggage. He put it in the car that was waiting for him and took the woman to the hospital.

He stayed with her as a doctor broke the news that her husband had died. Then he went on his way and didn’t say a thing about it.

If all that makes you want to throw up, it says a lot more about you than it does Tim Tebow.

That last line is truth big and strong enough to cause another “Big Bang” in the universe.

All I know is that I would be grateful for someone, anyone, to be this humane and emotionally charitable to me and my family if, God forbid, anything were to happen. God bless him and his easy kindness.

So, Tebow’s Christian faith annoys folks with lesser spirituality skills. And so his football skills aren’t hall of fame quality, or even career sustaining at an even middle-of-the-road level. Perhaps the game was only meant to be a stepping-off point for the young man to do better, more lasting and substantive things in his life, for others. And those who stoop even lower to call him ‘an attention whore’ really need their clocks cleaned. Give me a friggin’ break!

The people in this country had better wake up to a Hell of a lot of things, and very soon, not the least of which is the highly manipulative media/pop culture cancer that has taken this nation’s mood and common sense straight into the clogged toilet. Our civility, mixed with a willful lack of even the simplest degree of wisdom and knowledge, is at the level of festering sewage. These people embrace the celebrity debauchery of lack-luster figures easily displayed on their own social media links, while pissing all over a decent gentleman and human being, who just happens to be a public figure, like Tim Tebow.

For all the #StopTheHate ‘banner-waving’ we are seeing today, those people and more seriously need to look themselves in their own eye(s) in the mirror. As the sayings (sort of) go, “Methinks thou dost ‘protest’ too much.” … and, “First remove the beam from your own eye, and then you will see clearly enough to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” But, you know, with the political acidity in this country right now we simply cannot have any of that. Nope.

As Whitley’s last line concludes, the problem is not Tebow, the problem is you. Seek help.


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