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“Ooooh That Smell … Can’t You Smell That Smell …”


You know how sometimes there’s that really, really bad rotten smell in the house and you just gotta find it, and it takes a long time and it keeps getting worse and worse … and then it suddenly is found and was so obvious all along?


This is how mafia bosses operate…

Ace: Loretta Lynch: To Protect the Integrity of the Department of Justice, I Vow to Listen to the FBI’s Recommendation on Hillary Clinton Before Clearing My Tarmac-Buddy’s Wife of All Charges

Jazz Shaw: Lynch’s plan to “remove herself” and “accept the FBI decision” over Clinton’s emails is probably a smokescreen

ALLAHPUNDIT: Loretta Lynch: Come to think of it, my meeting with Bill Clinton has cast a shadow over the e-mail investigation

Austin Bay @ Instapundit:

AG LYNCH’S PHOENIX AIRPLANE CHAT WITH SLICK WILLIE: My latest Observer.com essay. The meet-up between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton is an explosive story mainstream media cannot resist. Given Ms. Lynch’s official position and the current legal circumstances facing Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Phoenix Airplane Chat was a PAC of sorts, a political action conference or –my preferred word, connivance–a complete, unapologetic abuse of government power where party and personal interest trampled the rule of law. Remember that next time you hear the Democrats call an opponent a fascist, which, these days, roughly translates as an imperious abuser of power the Left doesn’t like.

Observer: EXCLUSIVE: Security Source Details Bill Clinton Maneuver to Meet Loretta Lynch – Former president delayed Phoenix takeoff to snare ’20-25 minute encounter’ with Attorney General

According to this source, whose credentials were checked and confirmed by the Observer with sources inside both the FBI and the United States Secret Service, the Attorney General was caught completely off-guard by the meeting and the source dismisses suggestions that have been raised alleging that she waited there to see Mr. Clinton or accommodated his request to see him. In fact, it seems from this source that it was Mr. Clinton who was maneuvering for face time with the Attorney General, because his plane had been scheduled to leave before hers arrived.

‘I Wouldn’t Do It Again’: Lynch Admits Meeting With Bill Clinton ‘Raises Questions And Concerns’

Can you spot the ‘Clintonian language’ in Loretta Lynch’s comments about Hillary investigation?

What Lynch really said: Judge Jeanine Pirro reacts to Bill Clinton’s meeting with AG Lynch

Hey, look! You’ll never guess HOW the NYT covered that Clinton-Lynch meeting

Lynch Claims Her Meeting With Bill Clinton Was “Primarily Social”

EXCLUSIVE: Was Bill Clinton Plea Bargaining With The Attorney General?

The DC: EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Clinton Scheduled To Meet With FBI On Saturday

Can you spot the ‘Clintonian language’ in Loretta Lynch’s comments about Hillary investigation?

Renewed Calls for Independent Prosecutor Following Loretta Lynch-Bill Clinton Private Meeting

Former DOJ official J. Christian Adams Tells Us Why Lynch Met with Clinton — and What It Means

Ex-U.S. attorney: Lynch showed ‘abysmal’ judgment

The Clinton-Lynch Meeting: Corruption, Not Bad ‘Optics’

Creepy Matthews: Bill Clinton Is Like Elvis Whose ‘Tail Wags When He Sees Somebody He Knows’

Chuck Todd Rationalizes Clinton/Lynch Meeting: ‘Could Happen by Happenstance’

Reporter: FBI ordered ‘no photos, no pictures, no cell phones’ during Clinton/Lynch meeting


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