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#BREXIT: CNN’s Christiane Amanpour Beclowns Herself Trying to Claim Brit MEP Daniel Hannan is Racist

“Conversation”, Chrissy???? You said that with a straight face at the end there, did ya?

You assumed yourself some sort of on air media inquisition prosecutor with absolutely zero evidence of whatever you were accusing British MEP Daniel Hannan of, and when you ‘went to tape’ as proof to back-up your narrative I thought you might have had him dead to rights with a clip of him actually saying what you said he’d said. No, you show a few people saying things HE is not responsible for. Never once, in all your frantic, and quite frankly— threatening, badgering did you have anything of substance to offer in justifying your heated activist premise.

On the contrary, you went into this interview with a mission, completely ignoring the man’s history/record of what he believes and what he has said/written, and twisted everything you said about him into total and deliberate lies.

“You guys have been shouting ‘racist!’ so long you weren’t listening to what we’ve actually been saying!”

Unprofessional media hack.


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