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A Meeting of The Corrupt – UPDATED

Allegedly AG Lynch and Bill Clinton, the husband of the woman her DOJ is presumably investigating in the whole classified email scandal, were just meeting and chatting about their respective grandchildren on her government plane.

Oh, well, never mind then

The Obama appointee told the TV station that she and Clinton did not discuss the investigation or any other government business. Instead, she says they talked about Clinton’s grandchildren and golf.


ABC15 reported that the meeting on board Lynch’s plane lasted about 30 minutes. The FBI is conducting the email server investigation. Investigators are said to be near the end of their investigation. FBI director James Comey will make a recommendation to Lynch on whether to press charges against Clinton or any of her aides at the end of its probe.

I am certain we can give the whole breadth of our benefit of the doubt to these two completely honest people.

These people really do believe we are dumb-asses.

Good God in Heaven, were this a republican AG involved in an ongoing huge investigation of a former republican POTUS’s spouse…


Cornyn calls for special counsel after Lynch, Clinton meeting

“Optics” my ass.

This administration and the Clintons do not do anything that isn’t rife with a self-serving purpose…

Bill Clinton And Loretta Lynch Don’t Have An ‘Optics’ Problem, They Have A Corruption Problem: If Democrats don’t like the optics of the Loretta Lynch-Bill Clinton meeting, they should ask the attorney general to recuse herself.

White House Jack-in-the-press-box Josh Earnest: WH defends Lynch from Clinton meeting fallout

The meeting took place in the midst of a federal investigation into his wife, Hillary Clinton, and her private email server during her tenure as secretary of State, but White House press secretary Josh Earnest said both Lynch and President Obama are committed to conducting a fair investigation.

“I think the bottom line is simply that both the president and the attorney general understand how important it is for the Department of Justice to conduct investigations that are free of political interference,” he told reporters.

Earnest declined to say whether it was appropriate for Lynch to take the meeting, and acknowledged that questions about it “are entirely legitimate.”

But he refused to second-guess her decision to speak privately with Bill Clinton, saying he took Lynch at her word that the two did not discuss the investigation.

“She was asked a direct question about it and she answered it,” he said.

Earnest said Lynch’s three decades in law enforcement show she is committed to impartiality.

“She certainly understands that investigations should be conducted free of political interference and consistent with the facts,” he said. “She’s made clear that’s the expectation she has for the way this investigation should be conducted.”

What’s the WH think of Clinton & Lynch’s meeting? Josh Earnest puts on his dodging shoes


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