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“No New Evidence of Wrongdoing…”


The MSM is right.

The GOP’s Benghazi investigation clears Hillary Clinton.
The House republicans failed at proving Hillary Clinton was running with the terrorists in Benghazi with an RPG on her shoulder while firing on the U.S. compound the night of the attack.

We all stand corrected, MSM. Gee, thanks! What would we ever do without you?

NY Times STILL Covering For Hillary: Claims Report Found She Did Nothing Wrong On Benghazi And Was About Video

No. It is NOT “time to move on”, Hillary.

Former Navy SEAL: Hillary ‘Killed My Friends’ In Benghazi [AUDIO]

“By denying multiple requests for the upgraded security at the the consulate, at the outpost, it was attacked. The terrorists just literally pushed the gate open. They flooded that compound in ten seconds and took it over, and the CIA guys had to go down the street and rescue them and then they got killed because of her … If that consulate would have been hardened like it should have been, none of that would’ve happened. If there were Marines there, if there were belt-fed machine guns and heavy weapons there, they could have repelled that attack but instead … the terrorist literally pushed the gate open.”

Note to the gleefully high-fiving MSM (aka, Hillary Clinton press department) regarding the released Benghazi Report:

1. It firmly shows the Obama administration was not only incompetent and unconcerned in Benghazi, which resulted in a huge deadly failure, but also constructed a cover-up based completely on a lie and carried it/repeated it for weeks/months … and mostly (according to email exchanges) to protect Barack Obama’s re-election PR just months from the election.

2. Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State … SECRETARY. OF. STATE. … and the US State Department, and by that the Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton), are part of the white House administration. The US State Department, under then SoS Hillary Clinton, was in charge of the Benghazi operation(s), whatever those were all about *wink-wink*.

3. Hence, this report not only DOES NOT “clear” your beloved 2016 DNC POTUS candidate Hillary Clinton, it puts the bulk of the responsibility in her friggin office. Damning.

4. So, STFU


Guess who helped these guys and the 30 other Americans who eventually escaped with their lives:

Answer – VIDEO @ mark 3:05: Benghazi contractor angered by details in House report: Jun. 29, 2016 – 5:26 – Kris ‘Tanto’ Paronto sounds off on administration’s confusion and lack of leadership during attack

Americans at Benghazi post were rescued by Qaddafi officer militia, report reveals

“Americans at Benghazi post were rescued by Qaddafi officer militia, report reveals”

In the end, the forces that came to evacuate State Department and CIA officers that night were not fellow Americans, but a secret unit of former military officers from the Qaddafi regime that Washington – and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – had helped overthrow.

Their intervention, according to the report, likely saved “over two dozen lives.”

“In other words, some of the very individuals the United States had helped remove from power during the Libyan revolution were the only Libyans that came to the assistance of the United States on the night of the Benghazi attacks,” the report said.

The detail was one of numerous revelations in the expansive report released Tuesday by the Republican-led committee. While Democrats and Republicans on and off the committee sparred over the group’s work and the political implications for Clinton’s presidential bid, one detail seemed indisputable: U.S. forces from outside Libya did not deploy to Benghazi that night.

Not only that, the report said, but neither the sitting Libyan government “the State Department had worked tirelessly to appease” nor the militia contracted to provide security was able to evacuate Americans under fire at the annex.

Instead, the massive convoy that came to rescue Americans the morning after the attack began was sent by a group called Libyan Military Intelligence.

The CIA did not know that unit existed, but it apparently was made up of former Qaddafi military officers who had “gone into hiding” for fear of assassination.

The report described how one unnamed CIA officer helped arrange for the evacuation, after being put in touch with the secret group by a Libyan official. The group sent a heavily armed convoy to take the American personnel to the airport, and to safety…

Imagine that.

What does that tell you? Well, take into strong consideration the state of Libya right now … a jumping-off point for terrorists, namely ISIS. Gadaffi was an evil son-of-a-bitch, but in all realty he was ‘contained’, and to a degree afraid of the U.S..

“No ‘new’ evidence of ‘wrongdoing'”, eh?

Who needs anymore than what the 800 page report lays out?

Mollie Hemingway @ The Federalist: 5 Big Takeaways From The House Benghazi Report

1. Administration Misled Public Immediately and Continually

2. Weak Benghazi Security Points to Clinton’s Political Considerations

3. Military Never Sent Men or Machines to Help

4. Terrorists Weren’t Brought to Justice

5. Administration Obstructed Investigation

The minority report also accidentally confirmed the huge amount of money Clinton’s aide-de-camp Sidney Blumenthal is receiving from Clinton allies. President Obama forbade Clinton from hiring Blumenthal, but he acted as an informal advisor who recommended her Libya strategy, according to the emails Clinton has allowed the oversight committee to view.

And those are just her 5 pinpoints.

Others have also revealed there is more than enough “wrongdoing” that was done before, during, and after the terrorist attack on the U.S. compound and Americans employed there in Benghazi, Libya.

There is no amount of polish for the democrats, Hillary, Obama, and their MSM pals to polish this turd … and never enough soap to wash the blood from the hands of those involved.


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