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Bloodbath in Turkey: Two (Redacted) (Redacted) Hit Istanbul Airport and One (Redacted) (Redacted) Hits Bursa

Last report is at least 50 have been killed and even more than that wounded as 2 suicide bombers attack the Istanbul Airport. Now the developing details are saying a possible 3 suicide bombers hit the airport…


According to Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdağ, a gunman fired shots as people waited for the first line of security, the X-ray machines, at the international terminal at Istanbul Ataturk Airport. The local time was around 10 p.m.

Police fired at the shooter, who then detonated his device, he said. Officials then updated the number of attackers to three — two more attackers set off their bombs, one in the domestic flights terminal and one in the parking lot.

A witness told NBC News that a police officer was seen tackling the gunman to the ground before the bomber exploded.

The attack comes at the crossroads of a few points of interest for terrorists: Israel and Turkey just signed an agreement today to normalize relations. The Iraqi government officially seized control of Fallujah on Monday after a long fight to drive out ISIS fighters. And it’s still Ramadan, which ends July 5.

Wednesday is also the two-year anniversary of the establishment of the Islamic State. ISIS issued an anniversary video on Monday highlighting their expansion into the Arabian Peninsula, Sinai, Libya and Algeria.

Ataturk Airport is the hub for Turkish Airlines and is a posh layover spot with extensive shopping and cosmopolitan restaurant choices.

According to Turkish media, police officers are among the more than 60 wounded.

There has been no claim of responsibility yet. ISIS has staged two attacks in Istanbul so far this year: In January, a suicide bomber killed 13 tourists near the Blue Mosque. In March, a suicide bomber killed four in a shopping district outside of a district governor’s office.

A witness told NBC News that he saw a police officer diving to tackle one of the attackers – who then detonated his bomb.

The attack is understood to have happened near the airport entrance – before the assailants would have gone through security checks.

Speaking in the Turkish parliament earlier, justice minister Bekir Bozdag said he could only confirm one attacker, based on initial information.

Pictures posted on social media showed wounded people lying on the ground inside and outside the terminal buildings.

“There was a huge explosion, extremely loud. The roof came down. Inside the airport it is terrible, you can’t recognise it, the damage is big,” said Ali Tekin, who was at the arrivals hall when the attack took place.


Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said the attack was aimed at undermining Turkey through the killing of innocent people.

Meanwhile: Female suicide bomber wounds 13 in Turkey’s Bursa in latest attack


Explosions Rock Istanbul Airport, Multiple Deaths Reported

VIDEO: Footage shows moment of explosion


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