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#GWEXIT: And So, George Will Leaves The Republican Party and … So?


George Will has always been an overly comfortable swamp-dweller in the overly established establishment political class in the bowels of the Washington elites who have no f***ing clue about the rest of the nation who actually have been busting ass going to a real job, building a home and raising decent kids, and watching Washington continue to take bigger and bigger bites out of our paychecks and our rights/freedom.

And now George Will joins the other stubborn party lemmings not only going down with the fractured party ship, but dragging the rest of us and the country down with them and their staunch party line.

Look, Trump was at the bottom of my choices on the 2 GOP stages (well, definitely above Jim Gilmore…) but I vowed to vote for whomever came out in the end. And so far Trump has been pretty much correct on things he has said and forecast.

Oh, and let me say this to all these recent ‘polls’. Remember, the polls in Great Britain/UK showed BREXIT was going down for defeat in the election. And, yet, here we are. So, all these polls showing Hillary is ahead of Trump and elitist DC wankers are as useful as a … well, you know…

Roger Simon @ PJM: Why George Will’s Moral Narcissism Matters

So George Will has proclaimed himself to be free and above the Republican Party — most specifically the Republican Party whose current standard bearer by millions of votes is Donald Trump, a man Will obviously abhors. As the columnist said in his speech, Republicans should “make sure he loses. Grit their teeth for four years and win the White House.”

Will definitely gets to be “good” — according to my definition. But what about those consequences, the pesky results of his decision? PJ Media’s Nicholas Ballasy asked Will some interesting questions after the speech, among them whether he was bothered by Hillary Clinton choosing one or possibly several justices for the Supreme Court, changing the nature of the court for decades.

Will replied,  “Sure, but I’m also concerned with the fact that I do not really believe Republicans think clearly enough about what they really want in judges. Republicans have given us Earl Warren, Brennan, John Paul Stevens, Burger, who was kind of mediocre, Blackmun. Having a Republican president is not an answer in itself.”

Really? Nothing is indeed perfect, but as Will well knows, Trump has announced a solid conservative list of potential Supreme Court nominees far in advance of his nomination, something never done before, to my knowledge. Anyone rational (i.e. not coming from a place of moral narcissism) would certainly place his bet with Trump over Hillary Clinton when it comes to Supreme Court appointments.

Another crucial area a rational conservative would place his bet with Trump over Hillary is immigration, especially immigration from countries that are hotbeds of terrorism. If you don’t want more San Bernardinos and Orlandos or something even worse, wouldn’t you gamble on Trump too?Ditto if you want lower tax rates, fewer regulations, a free market economy and the preservation of the Second Amendment — all standard-issue Republican positions. Most of us want to get these things accomplished now — especially with the willy-nilly Islamic immigration, greater even than Obama’s, that Hillary is proposing.  We have no desire to wait for years for an unnamed savior, as Will urges if only we would grit our teeth. By then the odds will be stacked even further against conservatives than they are at present, quite possibly to an extent that it will be impossible for the right ever to win.

Obviously feeling embarrassment (he should), Will now asserts his real reason for departing the Republican Party was Trump’s attack on the Latino judge. Indeed,  Donald was depressingly unsophisticated in the way he went about that, but I suspect Will’s actual motivation for abjuring Trump — and the Republican masses who voted for him in such record numbers — is actually more a matter of class.

We might call Will’s class the Moral Narcissist Bourgeoisie (MNB) that resides so comfortably in Washington, irrespective of political party, dining at the best restaurants and enjoying the cultural benefits of the city while their real estate values mount into the stratosphere, only to appear in all their excellence before the great unwashed on the Sunday shows. It’s a terrific life if you can have it, but because of Trump — and even more because of Brexit — it is under threat.



Adios – George Will exits the GOP

George Will Leaves the Republican Party over Trump: ‘Make sure he loses’

Trump hits back at “overrated” George Will over GOP exit

Well, he ain’t wrong … again.


One comment on “#GWEXIT: And So, George Will Leaves The Republican Party and … So?

  1. So, let’s see. George Will did not leave the Republican party when they kept nominating middling moderates who were sure to lose to Democrat presidential nominees.
    George Will did not leave the Republican party when they won in overwhelming numbers in 2010 and 2014 and then went on to rubber stamp budgets, spending and other priorities if Obama anyway.
    George Will did not leave the Republican party when they made Ted Cruz a pariah and refused to bolster his candidacy over Trump because they are so irritated by his exposing their fecklessness and dishonesties.
    George Will did not leave the Republican party when Rubio made deals with Schumer, when Boehner and McConnell kept making deals with Obama, when the GOP was abetting the bringing in of new immigrants when we knew the dangers now, when the GOP refused to stand up to Obama about Planned Parenthood, when the GOP refused to speak up against Obama’s refusal to call it Islamist extremist terrorism, when the GOP refused to speak out against Obama making himself a law unto himself and ignoring Supreme Court decisions to go his own way, when the GOP made Cruz the enemy instead of Obama for the government shutdown….
    Only now, when the American voters showed they are finally sick and tired of the GOP ignoring their wishes and we got stuck with Trump as a result, only now George Will is leaving the Republican party.

    Who could possible care?


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