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Brexit Stage Right: Britain Votes Secession from EU and Brit PM Announces Resignation


Jolly Good, Mates!!! God Speed, GB/UK!!!!

At least 72% of Britains were fired-up to go to the polls for ths 21st century historic vote to leave the European Union. The EU has been staggering these last few years, especially their economy and the Euro. Great Britain, upon joining the EU, kept their own currency, so, that is a very good thing now for the newly independent country.

After the election results were in British PM David Cameron announced he will be resigning, saying the UK needs “fresh leadership” in the road ahead. Seems cowardly to me…

Earlier in the week George Soros warned today would be “Black Friday” by triggering a big sell-off in the pound in the world markets and lead to a recession for the Brit economy. well, yeah, you commie, freedom isn’t free. On this side of the pond Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and that political ilk have been against Great Britain’s breaking with the EU. Donald Trump has said little, pointing out it is the decision of the British people and nobody else. He is currently in Scotland today echoing that sentiment and comparing it to the political atmosphere here in the U.S. and saying the British people voted to take their country back.

Now talk is how this could give an indication here in the US that Donald Trump will win the US presidency in November

Here’s five reasons why.

Angry electorate

Donald Trump and Boris Johnson, the leader of the Leave campaign, have tapped into a similar public mood of disgruntlement. On both sides of the Atlantic, a lot of people feel they’ve been handed a bad deal. In the UK, it’s European bureaucrats in Brussels who are to blame. In the US, it’s elected politicians in Washington who are held responsible. Mr Johnson promises Brits a better deal if they throw off the onerous yoke of EU regulations. Mr Trump promises Americans a better deal if they put him in the White House.


The forces of globalisation are causing havoc for European workers as they are for American workers. If you are a white working class man (in particular) the combined effects of immigration, free trade and technology have made your job and your wages less secure. Policy makers in the UK and the US have singularly failed to address these issues in any meaningful way. If the Brexit camp wins next week it could suggest the global anti-globalisation mood (if such a thing is possible) is stronger than we realised.


Immigration deserves its own category because it is so critical in both campaigns. Economists argue about the relative impact of immigrants versus robots on wage stagnation – voters don’t care much. They blame immigrants. It’s easier to get mad at a person from Macedonia or Mexico, taking your job than it is to get mad at a piece of technology from Silicon Valley. In both countries, governments haven’t handled immigration well. America tried and failed to implement immigration reform and the country’s Southern border remains porous (though to be fair, more people are using it to go south not north at the moment.) Like its European partner, the British government is caught in the nightmare story that is the European migrant/refugee crisis, with no effective response.

Lost pride

The complicated feeling of having had a bad deal has created an insidious spin off, a sense of broken pride, both national and personal. Working men, in particular, face a world they did not expect, jobs are hard to find and pay badly meaning they often can’t provide single-handedly for their families, as their fathers and grandfathers did. That alone causes a loss of pride. In the US it is also linked to a loss of national pride through a sentiment among Trump supporters that President Obama has diminished the reputation of America by going on what they refer to as his “global apology tour.” For Brits the loss of national pride comes from a feeling that British sovereignty has been given away to Brussels and if we leave the EU, we will be stronger, better, more respected.


And, finally, populism loves simplicity, especially, it seems, when it’s dressed up with an impressively wacky hair do. Boris Johnson and Donald Trump appeal to the heart not the head, they offer simple solutions in a time of complex problems. It’s an appealing message. Think about the complicated consequences later, the thinking seems to go, for now protesting the status quo feels like a good start.

A victory for Brexit next week by no means guarantees a Trump victory in the autumn. However, if the forces of disgruntlement, nationalism, populism and anti-globalisation are strong enough to force a radical move in the UK, they may be strong enough to force a radical election in America too.

Just a note here: The polling in Great Britain showed a resounding “NO” for Brexit. And here we are on Friday morning Brexitting the EU. Current polling in the US show Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump. DO NOT lean on polling. I was explaining to the poll-follower son-in-law this morning how we here are fed-up with the whole system and have been known to dick with pollsters.

You can follow the live feed updates and reactions out of Britain here.

Updates below as I finish my coffee and wash-away the cobwebs of The Boss’s wake-up text … HEH!



BBC Headlines:

Scotland independence vote ‘highly likely’

EU says UK must not delay leaving






Dan Mitchell: Nine Key Takeaways from Brexit

What an amazing vote. The people of the United Kingdom defied the supposed experts, rejected a fear-based campaign by advocates of the status quo, and declared their independence from the European Union.


Joking aside, the real credit belongs to all UK freedom fighters, even the disaffected Labour Party voters who voted the right way for wrong reasons.

I’m particularly proud of the good work of my friends Allister Heath of the Telegraph, Eamonn Butler of the Adam Smith Institute, Dan Hannan of the European Parliament, and Matthew Elliott of Vote Leave. I imagine Margaret Thatcher is smiling down on them today.

Now it’s on to the second stage of this campaign and convincing California to declare independence from the United States!

Great and strong comments from the above link:

V-MAX: events in Britain are a harbinger of things to come… nationalism is back… people are increasingly resistant to surrendering their sovereignty and cultural identity to globalism… cultural Marxism… and a political class composed of narcissistic buffoons… it’s happening in what’s left of Europe… and it is happening here…
perhaps the last straw will be flooding sovereign nations with hostile foreign nationals… lacking cultural empathy with host countries… resisting assimilation… and hell bent on establishing welfare dependent alien enclaves in their new nations…
it’s hard to believe that establishment politicians and bureaucrats are that arrogant……………………. and stupid…

interesting times…

Mark Paquette: I have hope for the future! For the first time in years.

EndOfPatience: 1. I have great confidence in the stupidity of the elites. They will hand governance of the U.K. over to Nigel Farage and UKIP because they haven’t the wit to understand why they lost.

2. No one will ever go broke betting against President Obama’s maturity, judgement, or ability to change his mind in response to reality.

WSJ (pay side): European Officials Suggest Tough Stance on ‘Brexit’: Brussels calls meeting of 27 EU leaders; exit procedure will be applied, says Germany’s Schäuble


Except that Barack Obama is of the “One World Order” plan.

STOCKS TAKE HIT: Dow plunges more than 500 points at opening

MARKET REACTION: Sterling plunges to 31-year low

Bloomberg: Britain’s Elites Can’t Ignore the Masses

Don Surber: Brexit and Trump show the West ain’t dead yet

Glenn Reynolds:


hill wake

Drudge Report Headlines:

France, Italy, Netherlands Now Want Referendum…
POUND IN HISTORIC COLLAPSE… STOCKS ROCKED… Plunge Protection Teams Mobilize… Global banks seek to reassure… SOROS GOES SHORT…
Merkel warns against kneejerk reaction…
FARAGE: EU finally dying…
Hillary, Obama on WRONG side of history…
Brexit could signal Trump winning White House…
Seismic break with Europe draws parallels with rise…


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