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The Democrat Play Date and Sleepover in the House…



Mmmm-hmmm, Bam…

Those oh-so brave and devoted democrat congress-critters that spent less than 24 hours sitting on their fat, elected-elite-class, self-righteous, fundraising-stunt, waa-waa-boo-hoo asses on the House floor have ended their shit-in. Oh, but not to worry your smelly little-people asses. Our socialist-fascist overlords survived the horrific ordeal of breaking House rules in order to take your rights away. Apparently it was a catered event


How brave and stoic of those dedicated democrats seeking to remove your right(s) to due process under the US Constitution. So glad our tax dollars could keep them from fainting from self-induced hunger and suffering. Hey, aren’t sugary foods, like, deadly weapons, or something?


Anyhow, everybody knows it ain’t an authentic sit-in until the faux Indian, and rumored Hillary VP pick, joins the pow-wow and turns it into a ‘drum circle’


At some point Rep. Louie Gohmert tries to get the gun-grabbing, fun-raising-thirsty vampires to see and address the real point of the issue, but wastes his breath on the mush-melon heads who really do not want to honestly and intelligently talk/debate the issue in the proper context…

Conservative actor James Woods knows a ‘show’ when he sees it

When they decided their smug asses couldn’t take the cold hard floor anymore they thanked their lapdog MSM for, as usual, being their loyal and devoted echo chamber and all the free election season political publicity…

So you see, it was all good to Nancy and the rest of the democrat clown posse…



Meanwhile, Charlie Rangel says he and his fellow dictators in Congress deserve armed protection, but you don’t.


From my good and holy pal on Facebook Catholic Fr. Erik Richtsteig:

There are reasons that certain rights were enumerated in the Bill of Rights. One of them is so that they would not be subject to the vagaries of public opinion. This is why neither you nor I nor Congress should give a fig about whether a poll says 55% favor stricter gun laws.

What’s wrong with “No Fly, No Buy”?

1) The No Fly List is not subject to any transparency concerning how or why a person is on it. Further, there is no notification that one is on it and no easy way to protest inclusion.

2) The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a Constitutional Right. It is not a privilege like driving an auto. Constitutional Rights can only be abridged by due process.

Did you people sleep through high school civics?

Oh, Fathah, civics schmivics!

Speaker Paul Ryan: No vote on gun bills that ignore due process

Hot take of senior Newsweek writer: GOP fighting to ensure people on watch list, like Osama bin Laden, can buy guns

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. – Benjamin Franklin


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