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Flank Attack: Going After Our Primary Right to “Due Process” to Get to Our Gun Ownership Rights

Late Monday 4 new bills to up gun control in this country failed to pass in the US Senate. It’s not going over very well with the slobbering fascists…

Ben Sasse calls out Elizabeth Warren: Does it matter to her that Dems’ new gun talking point isn’t true?

Don Surber: Owning Fauxcahontas – Senator Warren jumped the snark on Twitter…

Rights schmights! What Bernie calls common sense makes no sense

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen shames AR-15 owners: ‘They’re buying it to do bad things’

So, Jeanne can read my/our minds(s), eh?

The Federalist: Taking Away Constitutional Rights at the Discretion of the Government

How the very liberal/leftist LATimes sees it: Senate votes down proposal to bar gun sales to terrorism suspects

And of course the ever-unbiased folks at NBC:

NBC News reporter tells of weeping in Senate lobby after gun control measures failed

Not to mention even one of them was ‘backed’ by the NRA.


On Guns, Democrats Have Lost Their Minds: If Dems could destroy either ISIS or the NRA, which one would they pick?


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