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The Slow Burn: Conditioning … Indoctrination … Enslavement

no speech


Nick Gillespie says…

What the fuck is hate speech, exactly? Like another phony, malleable concept — obscenity — it is simply a political category that gives power to the powerful to pick and choose what lesser mortals are allowed to read, think, and discuss (in the US, obscenity law did keep Lady Chatterley’s Lover from being published for decades, so it did have that going for it). Beyond that, hate — like envy — is the planet’s greatest renewable energy source, motivating humans to live better, richer, freer lives (my grandparents didn’t leave Europe in the 1910s because they loved it). In the US, libel, which by definition is false, is already punishable by law. So are ‘fighting words’, and plots and actions to cause physical harm. Beyond that, let speech rip like Lear howling on the heath.


AoSHQ: “The Left’s Inexorable, Inflexible desire to Enslave”

Curtailing first non-enumerated rights such as the ability to simply speak plainly via the creation of cultural stigma for holding opinions or manners of speech that only yesterday were commonplace and common-sense; and then turning that stigma into mob retaliation vis-a-vis getting people fired from their jobs, or outright violence in the streets aimed at people attending political rallies.

Once certain thoughts and often seemingly insignificant liberties have been essentially criminalized, they move on to attacking those concrete rights that were once presumed unassailable, but have entered the realm of “polite debate” by a compliant populace too interested in maintaining some level of nonconfrontational comfort to strenuously object to every inch requested by the so-called “moderates”. Inches that in the rear-view mirror turn out to be miles and miles of forgotten or forsaken liberties.

Make no mistake: The never-ending litany for “compromise” requested on gun control does not come close to masking the goal of gun prohibition. They want you disarmed, and cultural inertia has made them less and less reticent to proclaim it.

Assuredly, every step away from our Founder’s intentions is framed by its proponents in terms of saving lives, or ensuring some liberty for some defined cohort. Their duplicitous nature is revealed when those exact arguments are dismissed when offered in service of a liberty or cohort the Left isn’t championing, such as the rights of the unborn, the health concerns of a populace whose borders are overrun with the non-vaccinated and/or no small number of violent criminals, the freedom of a landowner to manage one’s property, et cetera.


Glenn Reynolds: “Remember, none of this is about saving lives. It’s about the cultural domination of the people in flyover country, by their coastal “betters” who get a near-erotic thrill out of such domination, and who are reduced to blind rage whenever their efforts at domination fail.”


VDH: America In Free Fall

This election year so far has emblemized the perfect storm of unrest and confusion—and an even more worrisome response to it. In the past, when 51 percent of societies no longer believed in or wished to defend their collective values and traditions, there were no longer reasons for them to continue. And so they did not—a warning we should heed.



College ‘Bias Response Team’ Targets Free Speech With 680 Signs

PJM: [Exclusive] Group Behind #ShootBack Posters Says Gay Community Can’t Protect Families if Elected Officials Disarm Them


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