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TBT Flashback: Rep. Trey Gowdy Slams “Constitutional Due Process” Rights Upside DHS Rep’s Thick Skull

And since the Orlando terrorist attack last weekend democrats and weak-kneed pundits (including RINOs) are hurrying on their “feelings” to push and push and nail our gun rights to the wall under the banner of a very, very vague “terrorist watch list” that somebody else gets to define and decide, and without your knowledge for whatever reason they deem “terror”… and it will be up to you to fight to get your reputation and freedom and rights back.


UN Rights Chief Calls For US Gun Control Measures After Orlando Attack

Douche process: Matt Yglesias exercises his right to idiocy

Vox Writer: President Should Unilaterally Ban Everyone From Buying Guns

How about FU.

gun bitch


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