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Wake Up Call: 9/11 Was The Worst Plane Crash in U.S. History


Just a very short couple of days out from the terror attack in Orlando the activist arm of political debate has reared its ugly head(s).

LGBT activists are now blaming “Christians” for the bloody massacre in Orlando in the wee hours of Sunday morning. They cite opposition to ridiculous LGBT legislation that seeks to punish, or obliterate the rights of others in order to give LGBT people preferred and protected statuses in our nation, and make the most lamest of attempts to minimize or even completely dismiss the core of Islam in this attack…

“The Christian Right has introduced 200 anti-LGBT bills in the last six months, and people are blaming Islam for this. No,” Mr. Strangio said in a Twitter post.

“Always fascinating to watch conservatives who won’t support basic non-discrimination laws bash Islamic fundamentalists for being anti-gay,” Ms. Kohn said on Twitter.

“Islamic Extremists kill LGBT people,” a third post said. “Christian and Jewish extremists just drive us to commit suicide.”

“We don’t want your hypocritical prayers,” Ms. Brownworth said. “You led the fight against LGBT people. You promote this every day.”

“In the past two years, cowardly and irresponsible politicians have proposed more than 200 anti-LGBT laws — including those passed this year in North Carolina and Mississippi,” said NCLR Executive Director Kate Kendell. “Make no mistake, these laws and the pandering of so many elected officials to those who promote anti-LGBT bias foster a toxic climate.”

You are all fools. And I won’t even bother to point out the extremely obvious truths and facts about what Islam today is doing around the world to LGBT people.

islamophobia cake

Oh, and not for nothing but since the chicken sandwich giant is mentioned above: Chick-fil-A responds to Orlando massacre with free food at a blood drive

Meanwhile, the anti-gun lobby didn’t miss a heartbeat to promote the warped misconception of the issue here in their promoting of the Orlando Islamic terror attack as “The worst mass shooting in US history!”, and the liberal MSM was all too happy to help. Want to see the unbelievably warped and dishonest context these fools are putting this attack into?

Okay. Fine. 9/11/01 was the worst plane crash in US history.

No, LGBT activists and liberal/leftist-driven politicians and media hacks, the massacre at Wounded Knee (over 250 killed) … Or was it the Mountain Meadows Massacre (120 killed) in 1857? Or the Tulsa Massacre (300 killed) in 1921? But nobody was calling for “gun control” back then, now were they appeasing, enabling, and promoting a religious ideology to benefit their own agenda.

The comfortably career-seated democrats in the US Congress are nothing but political whores… DEMS PROTEST ‘SILENCE’ – Turn Ryan’s Orlando honor into gun control heckling

The Florida democrat who is certifiable believes he knows everything about ‘guns’ … Alan Grayson claims AR-15s can fire ‘700 rounds in a minute’ after Orlando attack … Um, Alan, my AR-15 doesn’t do that, and 2, I think you mean an A-10 Warthog’s Gatling gun, asshole.

And, of course, the smartest man in the known universe ever: Obama: Killer Omar Mateen Had a “Glock which had a Lot of Clips in It”

Embattled sportscaster Kurt Schilling points out (again) the foolish futility of “gun free zones” where empirical evidence has proven over and over again these zones are horrific failures…

“Before idiots start screaming dumb stuff, law abiding citizens NOT permitted CC on the property. Even those with a license,” he wrote. “Scary part? I just read the story, but I bet I can nail some facts. 1) Follower of Islam from birth OR converted 2) Has some history of terrorist acts and/or talk 3) Was in possession of firearms illegally obtained 4) Liberals will turn this into another ‘need more guns laws.’”

“How many mass shootings have you seen at gun shows? In gun stores? At firing ranges?” he asked. “How many attacks on army installations by civilians? How many on weapons storage facilities?”
“Now go back and look at the % of these murders done in ‘gun free zones’, go back and look at the number of these murders committed by law abiding NRA members,” he wrote.

So, we hear the usual political barking-hounds in government, the democrat party, and the MSM taking full agenda advantage of yet another devastating attack (remember, after the Paris terrorist attack these same shitheads insisted gun control was the only answer, even though Paris/France has the the strictest gun control laws and it didn’t stop those who vowed to kill). They continue to refuse and refute (as seen above) the real danger here/now, and going ahead … much to the detriment of “We the people”.

The presumptive 2016 candidates and how they reacted should give us an indication as to who looks at reality, even in its overt ugliness, and who deflects attention in order to fuck over the people of this nation while reaching with clawed-hands for our rights:

Trump, Clinton trade hits as Orlando massacre dominates campaign

Trump riles critics with attacks on Clinton, Obama and radical Islam

Clinton’s answer: Ban guns

Clinton under fire for earlier remark that Muslims had ‘nothing’ to do with terrorism

Meanwhile, the burying-the-lede contest is on

ACLU attorneys blame ‘Christian right’ for Orlando shooting



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