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Project Veritas: Latest Sting Video Catches Union Cover-Up of Abusive Teacher

In this video, Project Veritas journalists and James O’Keefe visit the United Federation of Teachers office in Yonkers to meet with senior union officials to find out what would happen to a teacher who was guilty of abusing a child. Shockingly, our journalists found the union officials willing to engage in a cover up of child abuse and the violation of workplace rules. The officials can even be seen helping the journalist plot a cover up on hidden camera.

More on this @ the NY Post: Teachers union would rather cover up abuse than protect our kids

The above story is just a very small drop in the bucket of what the teachers and their unions continue to get away with in this country, especially in the sexual abuse catagory. They hold our school systems hostage with their ridiculous socialist indoctrination, non-academic curriculum and programs. And they and their die-hard supporters cannot stand it when they lose just one ounce of power and control over the system and the money.

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