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Hillary Clinton: The “Milestone” Around Our Neck

Well, we can say one thing for Hillary— She’s already got a head start on this list, complete with body count.


“I think this Barack Obama campaigning for Hillary is cover. She’s going to get indicted … He knows she’s going to get indicted. He’ll be able to say, ‘I didn’t know. Why would I be campaigning for her?'”

WILL HILLARY PICK FAUXCAHONTAS AS VEEP? Hillary hates Warren? Presumably the feeling is mutual, despite whatever posturing Warren does for the team.

Krauthammer: Sanders exit has been ‘carefully choreographed’

Hillary Clinton Used Leadership PAC as “Slush Fund” in 2008-09

Shocker: Here Are 10 More Examples of Google Search Results Favorable to HillaryTech giant accused of whitewashing autocomplete results … ‘”Indictment”, “Crime” and other terms kept hidden’

Clintons face their own for-profit university controversyAce: How Cozy: Laureate “University” Paid Bill Clinton $16.5 Million to be Its “Honorary” Chancellor; Then Hillary’s State Department Pumped Millions Into a Laureate-Connected Group … Oh, and far, far more shenanigans therein. Watch the video at the link.

Fox News Poll: Majority thinks Clinton is lying about emails



hillary kirby

Two things: One sucks and cleans your house, making it very worthwhile and valuable. The other blows and will destroy your home, and take everything you have worked to earn.

She needs all the help and support she can get. So, join “Drunks for Hillary”…


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