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“The Dirty Truth”: Life is a ‘Dirty Job’ and Most Will Not Get Rich and Famous Living Their Lives


It is college commencement season again. As a proud parent who has sat through four of these with my two older daughters (both 4 years of college, and one daughter with a medical school graduation and the other her Masters in nursing as she has since added higher degrees to her resume with yet another graduation next month with her DNP degree) let me tell you they are long and boring, and if you are of some even moderate level of intellect, you are hoping for something of value to be said by the speakers as you sit there waiting to see your kid cross the stage and collect their degree diploma. Politics and scornful race-baiting ain’t that…

It is also a national general election cycle for the next POTUS, and the smoldering bottom of the Obama era hot poker sparkler of sticking all his and the collective “Progressive” socialist ideology, revenge, and agenda in the eyes of America.

To that fact, the naked and exposed far leftist democrats have not disappointed in their speeches rife with politically biased, racially divisive, and shaming and blaming verbally abusing rhetoric. A couple weeks ago Barack Obama used a chunk of his Commencement speech at Rutgers to campaign against GOP candidate Donald Trump. And then a few days ago his taxpayer-grifter wife took her typical thankless and graceless racist tone to bemoan living and waking for nearly the last 8 years in a house that was built by slaves. Of course Mooch was out of context and in doing so in error. She also attacked Trump during the same speech.

But the other talking-point in these socialist-charged speeches is to discourage the student debt-plagued (many) without income-providing job prospects ‘feelers’-not-‘thinkers’ get their last injection of anti-capitalist indoctrination as they are encouraged to go into “public service” (and see: tax-paid bloated government jobs). The saddest part of this is these new adults believe they are entitled to success, without benefit of hard work, failure, resurrection, and more hard work. Nope, you give it to them … and you do it now!


Thomas Sowell @ Townhall

Two themes seem to dominate Commencement speeches. One is shameless self-advertising by people in government, or in related organizations supported by the taxpayers or donors, saying how nobler it is to be in “public service” than working in business or other “selfish” activities.

In other words, the message is that it is morally superior to be in organizations consuming output produced by others than to be in organizations which produce that output. Moreover, being morally one-up is where it’s at.

The second theme of many Commencement speakers, besides flattering themselves that they are in morally superior careers, is to flatter the graduates that they are now equipped to go out into the world as “leaders” who can prescribe how other people should live.

In other words, young people, who in most cases have never had either the sobering responsibility and experience of being self-supporting adults, are to tell other people — who have had that responsibility and that experience for years — how they should live their lives.

In so far as the graduates go into “public service” in government, whether as bureaucrats or as aides to politicians or judges, they are to help order other people around.

It might never occur to many Commencement speakers, or to their audiences, that what the speakers are suggesting is that inexperienced young graduates are to prescribe, or help to dictate, to vast numbers of other people who have the real world experience that the graduates themselves lack.

To the extent that such graduates remain in government — “public service” — they can progress from aides to becoming career politicians, bureaucrats and judges, never acquiring the experience of being on the receiving end of their prescriptions or dictates. That can mean a lifetime of people with ignorance presuming to prescribe to people with personal knowledge.

However well-educated the students might be in particular narrow fields — and, in too many cases, they have not gotten even that — what the graduates might have, at best, is a foundation for acquiring the real world experience necessary to complete their education and fulfill the ancient admonition, “With all your getting, get understanding.”

Presumption is not understanding. It is the antithesis of understanding…

TV’s “Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe takes the ‘cold hard facts’ direction with his suggestion(s) to graduates…

Thomas Sowell echoes Rowe’s feet-on-the-ground reality. Sowell had started college but dropped out to actually get jobs and work for a living, choosing to re-visit his formal higher learning education at a more mature, experienced, and reality-based age…

Having to start work at the bottom was a blessing in disguise — and extremely well disguised at the time.

I learned the hard way that the good grades I had earned before dropping out of school were of no use to me in my low-level jobs. No one told me how brilliant I was. They were too busy correcting my mistakes.

It was painfully obvious that adults around me understood much more about their work — and about life. This taught me inescapable lessons and respect for people who had no academic pretensions but a lot of common sense.

It would take a lot more than lofty Commencement speeches to undo those lessons. We all have windfall gains and windfall losses. But, all in all, I feel lucky compared to those graduates who are so vulnerable to slick Commencement speakers.

And as this millennial “2+2=5 if you want it to, sweetie pie”, “everybody gets a trophy” ‘participation’ generation of college (and high school) graduates head out into the real world they are finding it ain’t Utopia, and these barely feathered fledglings choose to blame everyone else’s success and accomplishments for their shortcomings in the real world. These are the precious little snowflakes who now need ‘safe spaces’ to protect them from the ‘free speech’ of others as they push their own free speech rights to the limits.



Why All The Hippies Morphed Into Campus Fascists: How the flower people transformed our universities and colleges into the most rigid, closed-minded, repressive, unthinking sort of society.

UC Irvine College Republicans to hand out baby pacifiers to students in campus ‘safe zone’

Commencement Speaker Gets Standing Ovation For Slamming ‘Immature, Arrogant’ Protesters Who Blocked The Original Speaker

Matt Damon blasts banks for ‘biggest heist in history,’ backs Warren in his MIT Commencement speech

Just a quick hit couple issues here:

1. Who the Hell thought Maaatt Dayyy-mun was a great Commencement speaker for MIT? I mean, he played a, ya know, ‘scientist/engineer’ in the fictional “The Martian”. He’s NOT one. He’s a professional ‘know-it-all’, not anybody that actually knows it all, or anything at that.

2. He’s a marginal ‘actor’ at best. At worst, I’m sure he’s stolen some movie rolls other actors could’ve used the money from, and would have been better in…

Glenn Reynolds: For true equality, ban the college box: Too many Americans without college degrees get shut out of the job market and never rise.

d day today


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