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The 21st Century Era of Appeasement

City Official Compares Local Firefighters to ISIS ‘Terrorists’ For Putting American Flag On Truck

No context is always a great way to lead your myopic mind through life. Cripes. I have heard ‘old school’ Catholic nuns being compared to Muslim women in burkas. Um, wrong on many fronts. Catholic women freely choose those Sisterhood orders that dress that way. Even a long time ago it was a free choice to live that way. Violating the ‘habit’ did not result in beatings or death. And a woman could chose to leave the order or Sisterhood, without ‘apostasy’ punishment. None of this is the case with Muslim women, even those who decide to convert and join the culture are always expected to never violate the ‘modesty’ law imposed on them by the men of their culture, or else. To compare the flying of the actual Flag of this nation on the fire trucks to the invading ISIS Toyota trucks roaring through cities is so much totally warped, self-inflicted-blindness to context is nothing but BS. The bloke is entitled to ‘free speech’ to barf such crap, but we also have the same right to ridicule it. I don’t see firefighters rolling their trucks over his lawn and dragging him out of his home to beat and behead him in the street. No, if they rolled up to his home it would be to drag his smart ass out of his burning and smoking home to save said smart ass, without judgement or reprisal for ‘insults’ he’d said about them.


The Brits and Europeans are as serious and obsessed with their soccer as we are with American football. The fans are just as colorfully fanatic in the stands. Well, in this age of “not offending anybody” the British are apparently really, really concerned with offending the Muslims…

BBC Warns Football Fans Dressing as Crusaders ‘Offensive’ to Muslims

Well, it’s rather hot and sweaty, but I say ‘go for it’, mates! On another note, I am ‘offended’ by Muslim women wearing burkas. Not because they are Muslim women wearing their cultural garb, but because the men in their culture not only force them to dress that way, but intend to force me and the rest of “infidel” women to dress that way … or be beaten/killed.

As usual, these overly concerned deep-thinkers get their Crusades history completely wrong … and as I mentioned above, purposefully completely out of context in order to demonize the West…

Meanwhile, it must be very hard for appeasing leadership (again in Great Britain but just as easily here) to choose between which protected group they have to push the other one aside for…

Police Commissioner Bans Gay Sauna, ‘Too Close to Mosque… Caused Widespread Offence’

I recall a few years back when the debate about the proposed mosque at Ground Zero NY was heated, FOX’s Greg Gutfeld said he might invest in a gay bar in a vacant building next door to the mosque site.

Europe is, yeah, pretty much lost:

The French Appetite for Appeasement

France’s Socialist Party government has unveiled a new legislative program designed to decrease the likelihood of further Islamic atrocities, largely it seems that would have ensured the success of the jihadist attacks committed so far.

◾In the measures revealed, proactively combatting criminals appears to have taken a back seat to placating the communities from which they are drawn.

◾Whereas protests by French people against Islamization or government policy, have been rigorously curtailed by the authorities, migrant gangs have still felt able to terrorize French towns, stampede French motorways, or conduct mass armed brawls in Paris, with little fear of intervention from either security services or the law.

◾In 2014, an ICM poll discovered that 27% of French citizens aged 18-24 supported ISIS.

Last year Muslim jihadists murdered more people in France, than were killed by terrorism in the country during the entire 20th century…

More on this via AoSHQ: “The French Appetite For Appeasement,” Or, “Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys Are True To Form”


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