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Controversial Katie Couric-Produced Anti-Gun Documentary Yanked from Site


Follow-up fallout to the previous post

(Mediaite) – The cable network behind the Katie Couric-produced documentary Under the Gun has pulled the film from its website a day after Couric apologized and admitted it contained a misleading edit of gun proponents’ remarks.

Pro-gun blog BearingArms.com first noticed that attempting to watch the film now brings up a message saying “This movie is not currently playing on Epix.”


Katie Couric Regrets ‘Poor Decision’ to Insert Pause in Gun Documentary Interview

Yeah… Me thinks Katie regrets not only getting caught but that the story grew legs and kept on running. So much sputum, eh, Katie?


More Deceptive Editing From Pay Channel “Documentarians:” AR-15 Rifle Inventor’s Quote Truncated to Suggest the AR-15 Is Just as Deadly as Its Military Cousin the M-16


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