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Memorial Day: Why We Remember Who We Are Remembering

wwii helmet

The history of Memorial Day.


“I’m a veteran, and I hate ‘Happy Memorial Day.’ Here’s why.”

So yeah. I’m frustrated by Memorial Day. And I’m angry about apathy.

I want to see people besides the small percentage of us who areveterans, know veterans, love veterans or lost veterans, understand what the day is about. It’s the one day on the American calendar meant to exemplify what it costs to beAmerican and to be free… and we’ve turned it into a day off work, a tent sale and a keg of beer.

I’m not going to Arlington this weekend. Instead I’ll spend time on the phone with friends whose lives were changed as a result of someone’s personal sacrifice. We’ll talk, laugh, share stories, say their names and we’ll remember. I’ll surround myself with those who lived and we’ll raise a glass in honor of those who died.

We’ve all heard, “Freedom isn’t free.”

Since 1776, it’s actually cost us more than 1.3 million lives.

I hope you enjoy your weekend — but I hope you pause to remember, too.

Which is why my family does not make Memorial Day into a big picnic/party event.


war dogs2

Remembering the US Military K-9s that have died too. They loyally and bravely serve and protect the men and women who loyally and bravely serve our nation…

Operation Iraqi  Freedom

war dogs3


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