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Obama’s Japan Trip During the Memorial Day Weekend


The timing of Barack Obama’s latest chapter of his Worldwide Farewell Tour has strategically taken him to Asia, Vietnam and Japan in particular. His presence there is not-so subtlety meant as some sort of shame and apology for our military’s involvement in the Vietnam war and in the PTO with Japan, mostly by ending WWII with two atomic bombs that while killing, maiming and sickening thousands while saving countless tens of thousands of military on both sides and Japanese civilians. His timely presence there at this time is meant to be a kick in the face to the US military…

111,606 Reasons Obama’s Memorial Weekend Hiroshima Visit is a Disgrace

Obama’s shameful apology tour lands in Hiroshima

Obama’s hug of Hiroshima survivor epitomizes historic visit

In Hiroshima, Obama honors ‘silent cry’ of bombing victims

Japan PM Shinzo Abe slams Obama over “despicable” Okinawa murder

Obama’s Japan Visit Starts With Apology–Although Not For Hiroshima

For the record, Japan was working on and very close to having an A-bomb during WWII, and were testing our West Coast with balloon delivered bombs.

For the record, Japan has not apologized for the torture of our military, and the brutality and slaughter of our guys during captivity in WWII.

For the record, Japan not only has not apologized for its brutality toward its Asian neighbors, such as Nanking, but refuses to acknowledge and forbids it being even mentioned in its text books and literature.


Charles Krauthammer: Obama’s naive idealism has caused havoc as America makes the same mistakes over and over again

Revisionism Tokyo-style: Japan’s leaders still won’t acknowledge their country’s wartime atrocities.


One comment on “Obama’s Japan Trip During the Memorial Day Weekend

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