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The VA’s Problems are No Disneyland Ride and Are Not Funny or Fun


As we approach Memorial Day, we seriously need to reflect on and remember the reason that day has such designation, and how much it and our responsibilities have expanded since its historic inception. It’s not the start of summer fun and games. It is a solemn time to honor those who, over generations, have answered a call to this nation’s military duty, served, and in a lot of cases suffered and sacrificed. And in the 21st century the United States government is horribly failing their duty to our military veterans and their families. A nation served by so many heroes, in war and in peace times, are being actively neglected and abused, and ridiculed, by the government they were loyal to.

The Veteran’s Administration is broken. I take that back. The ‘breakage’ is self-inflicted and sabotage.

As reported earlier in the week, the head of the VA operations is flippant about the long and impossible wait times, that often lead to the untimely deaths of our military veterans in great need of medical attention.

A VA whistle-blower points out that in order to make themselves look good and efficient waiting veterans’ files are typically shoved away in a drawer, or their names deleted from the computer files, especially if it has been found they died. And during the last five years thousands of “living” veterans have been declared “dead” by the VA and stripped of deserved and owed benefits! All are deemed “ineligible”, when in fact that is part of the habitual lying in the agency. They are being swept under the floorboards in order not to trouble the VA staff and system with the work, attention, and diligence needed to service our veterans. We are talking about well-over 127,000 military veterans getting the very sharp shaft from a government administration that is supposed to have their backs. It is an abomination.


Veterans’ Charity With The Worst Rating Possible Is Run By VA Employee

Senators Coburn and Schumer Argue Over Gun Control for Veterans

And with all the drastic cuts to our military in these last nearly eight years we have put them, and ourselves, in very dangerous waters…

Government spending billions to keep antique computer systems running

Yeah? Well, they’d better shut up because with all the ongoing cutting and gutting of our military they could be forced to go back to homing pigeons by the time Barack Obama kicks the White House dust from his feet on the way out.

The failures of the federal government are one of the biggest chunks of our over $20 trillion debt. Waste and inefficiency and complete ineptness.

Oh, and the main concern of the U .S. military today? Not our vets. Not our undefunded active duty troops, especially in the war zone. No, it’s the PC bullshit: Defense Secretary Ponders How to Change ‘Unmanned’ Job Titles to Gender-Neutral Wording … For cripesakes!!!

Even Disney knew the importance of respecting and honoring our U.S. Military…



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