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The Violent Culture Around the Trump Campaign … Is Coming From The Anti-Trump Thuggery

They say the Trump supporters are the nasty violent ones. However, all the evidence is just the contrary. The Donald Trump campaign event is being followed by anti-Trump rabid dog packs. The latest was last night in Albuquerque, NM, and it gets uglier and more violent at every stop…

Protests turn violent outside Trump New Mexico event

(FOX News) – The clashes erupted overnight, after Trump and some 4,000 of his supporters left the Albuquerque Convention Center. Approximately 100 demonstrators remained in downtown.

Smoke grenades were used in an effort to disperse the crowd, while protesters threw rocks, plastic bottles, burning T-shirts and other items at officers.
Albuquerque police said on Twitter late Tuesday that “several” officers were being treated for injuries as a result of being hit by rocks. At least one person was arrested.

Inside the Trump rally, demonstrators shouted, held up banners and resisted removal by security officers. The banners included the messages “Trump is Fascist” and “We’ve heard enough.”

Trump responded with his usual bluster, mocking the protesters by telling them to “Go home to mommy.”


The altercations left a glass door at the entrance of the convention center smashed. During the rally, protesters outside overran barricades and clashed with police in riot gear. They also burned T-shirts and other items labeled with Trump’s catchphrase, “Make America Great Again.”

Trump supporters at the rally said they appreciated his stance on boosting border security and stemming the flow of people crossing the border illegally, but some said they were frightened by the violent protests outside.
Albuquerque attorney Doug Antoon said rocks were flying through the convention center windows as he was leaving Tuesday night. Glass was breaking and landing near his feet.

“This was not a protest, this was a riot. These are hate groups,” he said of the demonstrators….


Anti-Trump thugs shout ‘Viva Mexico’ while burning American flag



By the way, it’s instructive to note that although the punks and thugs hurling rocks at police officers will get most of the attention today, it should be noted that the response of New Mexicans in support of Trump last night was so overwhelming that they not only filled the convention center where the rally took place, but the overflow of supporters who did not make it into the arena was larger than the crowds at most Clinton rallies…

“The violence that we’re seeing this evening is absolutely unacceptable, and it is not the fault of Donald Trump, his campaign, or the attendees at the rally this evening. It is directly the result of so called public interest groups, such as ProgressNM and the Southwest Organizing Project, fomenting hate. These organizations this evening devolved from community action groups to hate groups by every usual measure. This was not a protest – it was a riot that was the result of a mob trying to cause damage and injury to public property and innocent citizens exercising their constitutional right to peaceably assemble.” – Republican Dan Lewis, the President of the Albuquerque City Council

bern pro

Imagine the media reaction if these were conservatives outside a Hillary event. – Weasel Zippers

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The more trouble they make the more support he gets:


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